My Super Sweet Sixteen Made Me Ill

Have you ever thrown up just a little bit in your mouth?  I did today when I watched an episode of “My Super Sweet Sixteen” on MTV.  They should rename this show “How Not to Raise a Child”. It all started going south for me when the show intro started.  It basically shows a bunch of spoiled little girls posing.  All these girls have one

It’s Christmas Morning

I’m just taking a quick break from the buzz on Christmas morning.  My three year old daughter woke up this morning and immediately wanted to check to see if Santa had come to the house.  She screamed with delight when she saw the cookies she had left out for him were gone and only crumbs were left. Once she got over the excitement that he

Who Wouldn’t Submerse Themselves in the Sewer for $400 a Month

Let me be the first to raise my hand.  I’ve decided to feel fortunate for the profession I’m in.  Working with computers is far less taxing than diving through miles and miles of human waste to make sure there aren’t any clogs in the system……  Oh, and the pay is much better too.  $400 a month?  I know it’s all relative to the economy that

Crazy Crazy Week

Sorry about the silence on the blog lately.  We’ve had kind of a disastrous week.  We live in the Pacific Northwest and were hit with a significant storm last Thursday.  Winds peaked at 69 miles per hour at our house and we lost a couple sections of fence.  Not a big deal. With the storm came the chaos that you might expect.  Over 1 million

Melting Money

Well here’s an interesting tidbit.  Apparently our money is worth more melted down that it is with all of the US Mint’s work done on it.  Before you start firing up the coals, you might want to check in to the laws.  I guess it’s illegal to melt money and I certainly don’t want to end up in prison.  You know how the pecking order

Gangsters Need to let Pimps Show Them how to Run a Business

I stumbled on to an interesting article about the underground economy.  This article basically summarizes a book called, “Off the Books: The Underground Economy of the Urban Poor”.  Here is a quote from the article: “On that one residential block, Venkatesh focuses on three women: Bird, a prostitute; Eunice, an office cleaner who sells home-cooked meals on the side; and Marlene, a nanny who is president

Cadillac Escalade Golf Cart

Hmmmm.  At what point have we reached pure and utter excess in society when people start buying $13,000 Cadillac Escalade golf carts.  I don’t know about you, but I’d be horrendously embarrassed to drive this around the golf course.  Then again, since I golf at public PAR 3 courses, it would seem even more ridiculous!

Self Directed Investors Do Better than Financial Advisers?

Well, this is a very interesting article.  10 years of research point to the fact that a self directed investor is probably going to outperform a financial adviser.  There are a few reasons for this, but I won’t spoil the article for you.  I highly recommend you check this one out:   I have often fretted about whether I should go seek out a financial

Home Sick Today

I’m home sick today.  Both my daughter and I are sick so we are just going to take it easy today.  She is getting to watch more TV than we normally let her watch, but she is such a good sport about not feeling well, that we think it’s okay. On a slightly related note, it occurred to me that she isn’t getting a lot

Links to Love Mortgage applications rise as rates tumble.  I’m hoping for rates to continue their trend down.  My theory is that this might stabilize home prices for awhile.  I’ve read a lot of articles that point out the trickle down effect of lackluster home sales.  With fewer people buying homes, that also translates in to less consumer spending on all the items that a new homeowner