Is This the End of the American Way of Life?

It’s been a tough week.  There’s really no other way to put it.  Layoffs at work have hit closer to home than they ever have before and the overall mood in the office is absolutely horrible.  Since last Friday I’ve been slowly hearing about many friends and really good employees that have been given their layoff slips.  Why?  Because the company has decided to try

Free Pancakes at IHOP Today

Another week, another free breakfast.  IHOP is giving away a short stack of pancakes today from 7 am to 10 pm.  There probably won’t be quite the lines that there were for the Denny’s giveaway, but you don’t get as much food either.

Bob’s Red Mill Owner Gives Company to Employees

In a sign that not all people are capitalistic monsters, Bob Moore, the founder of Bob’s Red Mill in Oregon, has decided to give his company to the 209 employees that work there.  Bob could have sold the company for a large sum of money but decided that money isn’t everything.  WOW! Bob has turned down a number of buyout offers over the years and

Moving to the UK as a Retirement Option

Previously I mentioned that we were working to get our daughter registered as a UK citizen.  She is eligible for British citizenship because my wife was born in England, although she lives in the US now and is also a US citizen. As we thought about it a bit, we realized that we’d be foolish not to register our daughter as a UK citizen.  While

Getting UK Citizenship for Our Daughter May Have Financial Implications

My wife, Kate, was born in England and moved here when she was five with her parents.  She became a US citizen many years later and now has dual citizenship in the US and in the UK.  It never occurred to me that there could be any benefit to having citizenship in two countries until Kate flew to England a few years ago to visit

Are We Prepared For a Layoff?

This week is a really tough week at work.  People at all levels of the company are getting laid off so there is a lot of “staring at the ground” going on as people deal with the prospect of losing their income.  While this has happened many times before at my large company, it’s hitting closer to home than it ever has before.  I’m seeing

Skype is Going to be Available on Verizon Smart Phones

There’s a storm brewing that’s going to rain on Verizon and give you unlimited amounts of sunshine.  Skype is now going to be available on a number of Verizon’s smart phones. This is good news for consumers like us.  Whether the wireless carriers like it or not, the momentum is shifting in our favor.  I think our wireless experience is going to come down to

Heather Mills Manages to Spend Divorce Settlement in Record Time

According to multiple outlets, Heather Mills, ex-wife of Paul McCartney, has managed to burn through $54.5 million dollars in less than two years.  Heather received the funds in her divorce from McCartney in 2008. Heather claims that plenty of the money was given to charities or “ethical businesses” and she also paid for a couple properties for her daughter. Just to put this in perspective. 

Yet Another Reason to Choose a Credit Union

Yahoo has an article up that shows how much customer misery there is out there with the big banks.  Check out these stats: The report, Forrester’s annual Customer Advocacy rankings, ranks nearly 50 financial services firms in the United States by the percentage of each firm’s customers who agree with the statement: "My financial provider does what’s best for me, not just its own bottom

Signs of a Homeowner’s Lost Dream

Today I was browsing through the homes for sale in my general area (after work) and came upon a really nice looking place that is exactly the kind of property I’ve always wanted.  It was relatively close to the city but had a very definite “country” feel to it. The house sits on about 1 acre of land, is about 3600 square feet (way too