The most efficient way to invest GBP 20,000

If you have GBP 20,000 that you are looking to invest, with a view to your investment gathering interest, you have several options. But before you decide to explore your investment options, you first need to consider any outstanding debts you may have – like a hire purchase agreements, bank loans, or mortgages. If you have any of these, the best financial advice is to

4 Tips on Choosing the Right Online Trading Partner


“Predicting rain doesn’t count. Building arks do.” – Warren Buffett There is no doubt that the information age, coupled with the rise in the number of people that have access to the internet, have contributed, and continue to add to the increased access to income generation possibilities. The latest statistics show that up to 50% of the global population owns at least one mobile devices

Choosing a Broker on the Financial Market


FOREX is the foreign exchange market conducting virtual trade. Dealing centers, or forex brokers, are intermediaries between buyers and sellers in the Forex market that provide players with access to software for trading, and leverage. There is a contract between the broker and the trader, usually in the form of a public offer regulating their rights and obligations. Brokers earn by receiving a percentage of

Rich Dad Poor Dad 4 Quadrants: Can Kiyosaki’s Wealth-Building Methods Make You Rich?

rich dad poor dad 4 quandrants

If you’ve ever read “Rich Dad, Poor Dad,” then you’ve learned some powerful wealth-building theories published by Robert T. Kiyosaki. What you may not know is that he published a second book that is changing the way we view wealth called “Rich Dad’s Cashflow Quadrant.” If you haven’t had much experience with these theories, then this article is going to tell you how the Rich Dad

The Cashflow Quadrant Explained: Is This the Key to Financial Freedom? [FREE INFOGRAPHIC]

cashflow quadrant

The Cashflow Quadrant could make you a millionaire. But how do you turn a formula on a page into dollars in the bank? We’ll explore that in today’s article. The information in Robert T. Kiyosaki’s book, “Rich Dad’s Cashflow Quadrant” is a follow-up to his best-seller, “Rich Dad, Poor Dad.” Kiyosaki used this formula in his own life, enabling him to become so wealthy that

What Is Precious Metals Trading?


Trading precious metals can be an effective way of making profits from the changing prices of commodities traditionally seen as safe haven assets. During periods of market volatility, many investors choose to put their money into these assets because they usually retain their value during economic downturns. Traders who wish to invest in precious metals such as Gold have numerous ways to do so. CFD

6 Quick Tips for Your First Real Estate Investment

Now is the time to make a real estate investment that will give you tidy returns in the future.  Investment properties can be excellent sources of revenue that can bolster your living and diversify your investment portfolio.  If you are interested in jumping into a real estate investment, here a six quick tips to get you started. Be Sure it Suits Your Lifestyle. Being a

Quick Cash: 4 Investments that Yield Quick Returns

A majority of us tend to invest with the sole purpose of using our money in the long run. Again, there are some of us that wish to identify investment sources with quick returns. Although most of our investing opportunities don’t yield any quick return, you may have a few good choices that ensure long-term financial growth without a long waiting period. A short period

5 Habits of Successful Investors


Just about everyone has heard about the success of famous investors such as Warren Buffett. The real question is how did they get there? What did they do to become so successful and how can you become a successful investor too? One way to help you achieve your investment goals is to develop these 5 habits of successful investors. 1 Plan No matter how easy

Money Management in Trading

In Forex trading, it is inevitable that some trades will end in profit and some will end in loss.  No matter how well thought out and planned your trading is, sometimes it will end in losses and you need to make sure you are prepared for this inevitable outcome when it happens.  That is where good money management comes in.  If you manage your money