– See How Much Other People Make

I stumbled on to this interesting site today.  Basically it’s a site that asks for anonymous information about how much you make at your company and then posts it anonymously for all the other members to see.  It’s sort of like NetworthIQ but for salaries instead of net worth. I haven’t actually signed up for it yet, but I’m thinking about it.  If they have reliable data, it should be pretty fascinating over the long term.

Check it out:



Want to see what properties are selling for in an area and then compare that to rental rates?  Hotpads does just that.  It also provides really cool heat maps to show you, at a glance, where it makes more sense to rent vs buy.  This tool could prove very valuable to someone trying to decide whether to buy in to an area or not.  It also has other demographic information as well. It’s well worth a quick look.

And check out this site:



I’m not getting any sort of compensation for linking to them.  I just found them both to be two new refreshing looks at things that affect our personal finance lives.