Making Investments in Older Designs

It is likely that you have heard the phrase: ‘what’s old is new again’ at least once in your life. This is the idea that older products are useful enough to be brought back and revamped. Sometimes, these are even better products than their modern counterparts. If you are looking for items to invest in, older ones that have been updated may be the best bet for you. They are durable and have been shown to be long-lasting. Simple designs can occasionally work best because they have an intuitive feel. We’ll be talking about some of the older designs that you could consider investing in!

Innerspring Mattresses

This is a mattress design that has been around for many years. It was invented in 1871 by Heinrich Westphal. From that point onward, it has been continually modified and updated so as to improve the design. Innerspring mattresses are made out of a very dense material of metal coil springs. The coils are covered by extra layers of material, so as to provide the user with more comfort. If you are looking for a good mattress, an innerspring model might be the way to go. It is simple, yet comfortable. However, it also provides a level of firmness if the user needs that. The thickness of the coils depends on the firmness of the mattress. Innerspring mattress reviews can help you design on the exact model that you would prefer for yourself.


Cars are tricky because so many of them develop a lot of problems when they get a bit older. Models from the past are particularly good because they surpassed the test of time. The engines may not have as much horsepower as newer models, but they are capable of getting the job done. For instance, the Plymouth Valiant is a good older car that is quite indestructible. It has a good design that allows it to sustain itself when exposed to damage and the elements. The Valiant is still a good reliable ride that will get you where you want to go!

Cell phones

Older models of cell phones tended to be larger and clunky. They were awkward to carry and would weigh several pounds. However, these phones tend to be very durable. When these models were upgraded to a smaller form, they became a favorite for many people. These models are slowly coming back into style. People are giving up the sleek and delicate phones for those that are more durable. Some of the older phones also had better security features than newer models. For example, this is why lots of people have gone back to using Blackberrys. These are reliable phones that have a very secure encryption software. They are often used by corporate enterprises because keeping their data secured is so important.


Music used to come from large black records in record players. This music was clear and had very good quality. The records were fairly durable, except if the needle scratched it by accident. CDs and iPods have slowly grown to replace the popularity of records. People who grew up around records have complained that the music does not sound the same as it used it. Listening to music in modern forms gives it a more tin-like sound, and reduces the overall quality of the sound. Records are coming back into style because people want to experience the music the way they used to. Retro music shops are doing very well by re-introducing records into their inventory supply. People will come in to browse through old records containing beautiful music that was in danger of being forgotten.


When choosing products to buy, new doesn’t always mean best. Sometimes older versions will function just as well, if not better. Mattresses, cars, cell phones, and records are all examples of older products that may work well for you. These are items that have been tested for their durability and longevity. The improvements that have been made to them help them compete with modern updates. If you find that you are getting tired of constantly replacing new, breakable products, you might want to consider switching tracks and save some money. Try and see how it works out!