Is Earthquake Insurance A Good Deal?

It’s a question I have asked myself a hundred times.  Is earthquake insurance worth the money?  I used to ask that question when I didn’t have earthquake insurance.  I finally decided to buy it because I live in a high risk area for earthquakes.  I’ve had the insurance for just over a year now and I still find myself asking whether it is worth it

Did You Work When You Were Young (10-16)?

I’ve often wondered why people have such radically different relationships with money.  Certainly the way their parents handled money impacts how they handle it but I believe there are other things that also affect how each of us deals with money.  I think that there is a strong correlation between people that worked as young children and those of us who choose to save as adults.

Investing Note: Never Invest In A Boy Band Promoter

Just in case you were ever considering investing your hard earned money with the promoter of boy bands, this story is for you.  Lou Pearlman, who is best known for his creation of boy bands, ‘N Sync and the Backstreet Boys was also apparently quite the smooth talker.  Over the years he has been taking money from unsuspecting investors in a massive pyramid scheme.  Pearlman

Ben Stein – How Not To Ruin Your Life

I’ve always like Ben Stein.  The guy is just plain smart.  I’ll always think of him as the teacher in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, but over the years, I’ve also come to think of him as an intelligent investor.  In Ben’s latest post he talks about two different friends of his.  One spends his days working and buying cars and facing the impact of poor

Hey Buddy, Can You Spare a Pension?

As I sat reading the Sunday paper yesterday, I found an article that talks about Motorola cutting out their pension.  Approximately two years ago, Motorola stopped offering pensions to new employees.  Now, they are changing the way the benefits are calculated for current employees which will result in smaller pensions for 24,000 of their workers.  Just one more example of why we each have to

Top Posts From Around The PF Blogs

MyMoneyBlog has done some great posting about the average spending habits of people.  I always find it fascinating to see how people split up their budgets.  I guess it’s a bit of financial voyeurism, but it is very informative.  Jonathon also had a post a few days ago that discussed this further so scroll down on his site once you get through this article. NCN

Best Buy – Pressure From Investors

I was reading an article recently that mentioned investors are looking for Best Buy to buy back some of their outstanding stock rather than buy other companies.  I would say that their track record of buying companies isn’t exaclty great considering they dumped a ton of money in to their Musicland purchase a few years ago and then later gave the company away as long

At What Point Does the Market Crash?

I just read an interesting article here that discusses the current economy and the struggles of being young in it.  My overall observation is that I seem to be reading more and more articles like this.  The author talks about the aging baby boomer population and hints at some of the issues that are sure to come as more and more of this “bubble” in

Gas Prices On The Rise – What Else Is New?

I was driving by the gas station today and looked at the cheapest gas on the sign.  It was $3.29 a gallon.  What I find interesting is the last time gas was $3.29 a gallon, the whole nation was screaming bloody murder.  Now, rather than scream, everyone seems to be just sucking it up and paying the price.  It’s interesting how we slowly aclimate to

Crazy Mortgage Offerings In The Mail

Here I am, sitting pretty with a 5.75% fixed rate 30 year mortgage.  Sure, I could have gotten a little better rate when the mortgage rates were at their bottom, but I didn’t.  Overall, I’m not complaining about the rate I’ve got.  At least it’s a reasonable rate and it’s fixed.  I don’t have to worry about rate adjustments every 6 months, or payments that