401K Nearing The $100K Mark

I’m so close I can almost taste it.  (Although, I’m not really sure what $100,000 tastes like).  After almost 6 years on the job, my 401k is about to hit $100,000.  I would have already hit the mark if I hadn’t scaled back my contributions to help offset our vacation home purchase (scaled back to 8% to get all the company match) but I expect that

Comcast Increased My Broadband Connection

It is about time.  I just happened to check my connection speed this morning and found that Comcast had increased both my download and upload speeds.  I’m not all that excited about the increased download speed, although it was neat to see the speedtest register up to 20 mebabit down (although the average was somewhere around 10-11 megabit.  What got me the most excited was

Back From A Long Weekend

It’s about time I made a blog update.  I’ve been out at the cabin for the last few days (since last Thursday night) and quite frankly, it’s kind of nice to be home to rest.  I had intended to blog a bit out there but just didn’t have time.  (I did, however, manage to keep up with a lot of the blogs in my reader). 

A Version Of The Nigerian Scam IN PERSON

Every now and then I like to read the crime reports in our local newspapers.  This one caught my attention.  Something doesn’t sound quite right.  The fact that the “victim” had $25,000 in cash and $12,000 in diamonds to lose tells me something is fishy.  I especially like the part at the end where the victim falls for the old, “We just need to get

ClearWire Isn’t So Clear On Their Pricing

Lately I’ve been seeing advertisements for Clearwire.  Clearwire is a new broadband wireless service that people can get as an alternative to DSL or Cable and it is portable within Clearwire’s service area.  It actually sounds really cool.  It’s definitely a viable solution for many people that are outside the reach of standard broadband services but I can’t tell you whether it’s a good deal

Best Of Craigslist Posts – Cheap Couch & Rantings Of A Landlord

I love Craigslist.  Every now and then I browse through the “Best of Craigslist” posts.  Here was one from a guy trying to sell his couch.  I wonder if he was successful: Couch – Very Uncomfortable, Red – $3.75 Hello. Here is my couch. I hate this couch and it needs to get out of my house. It is the worst couch I have ever

Woman With 9 Maxed Out Credit Cards Wins Lottery

The first thing I thought about when I read this story is, “That million isn’t going to last long”.  This woman found a $10 bill on the ground and then used it to buy lottery tickets.  She’s glad she did because she won a $1 million dollar jackpot.  The article says that she has 9 maxed out credit cards and $8500 in debt from an

New Millionaire In the Making

I just noticed there is a new “millionaire in the making” that I hadn’t seen.  Jeanette Courts is a divorced 38 year old mom who works for the Pentagon making 94,000 per year.  Here is a summary of her net worth: Government Thrift Savings Plan: $107,000Roth IRA: $6,000Savings Bonds: $2,000Online savings account: $10,000Brokerage account: $1,000Other savings: $4,000Home equity: $190,000 Jeanette is looking good.  I’d say

What Should Your Net Worth Be At 30?

It seems like such an easy question to answer.  Of course the answer varies from person to person, but let’s just say that you know what you need to have when you retire.  If you would like to retire with an annual retirement income of $50,000, you are going to need to have roughly a million dollars at retirement age.  This assumes that you are able

Furnace Or Wall Heaters?

As we have been slowly working on our lake house we’ve been faced with more than a few options on what we should install.  Originally we had planned on just putting in wall heaters and baseboards for heat.  There is no “in ground” gas available out there and we really didn’t want to have a large tank on the property to hold gas for a