How Electric Toothbrushes Changed the Dental Industry

Dental hygiene is an important part of most American’s life. Constantly improving the technology, dental hygienists across the world continue to innovate new ideas. The electric toothbrush is an iconic piece of technology that’s gone from dental offices to the shelves of the super market. Let’s look at how these nifty toothbrushes succeed over the manual toothbrush.

1. Reduction of Plaque

One of the most important reasons to brush daily is to remove plaque from your teeth. Manual toothbrushes do help with removing this plaque and it’s been the reason people haven’t adapted to power toothbrushes until recently.

However, recent studies in the past decade have shown that power toothbrushes are more beneficial for removing plaque than manual toothbrushes. This information has been widely spread and it has caused a recent shift in the dental industry. People are using tools like the power toothbrush now to further increase their dental hygiene.

2. Less Trips for Major Surgeries

Today’s economy is nothing like it was two decades ago. Technology has created less job security amongst the incoming working generations – the Millennials. So, it’s becoming even more important for the rising generation to have significantly less medical and dental problems. The bills have become too costly for most customers to afford.

The popular spread of power toothbrushes continues to decrease the number of major surgeries being performed on teeth due to daily wear. Not only do electric toothbrushes remove more plaque than manual toothbrushes, but they also require less pressure to use. So, you’ll see less receding on your gums with long-term brushing.

3. Less Problems for Orthodontist Patients

Orthodontists were frequently plagued with customers who were complaining about the lack of dental hygiene associated with braces. However, electric toothbrushes work far more superior to that of a manual toothbrush. The rotating head works the bristles around the braces to help remove plaque under the braces.

Before the power toothbrush, customers would have to pay to get more cleanings done on their teeth with braces. When dental insurance for cheap only covers a certain number, customers were forced to pay out of pocket. This could be several hundred dollars of cleaning by the time the braces were taken off. This is no longer an issue with power toothbrushes costing as low as $10.

4. Comfort for People with Sensitive Teeth

Sensitive teeth have been a common problem for people. As we get older, the daily wear on our teeth from food and drinks erodes the enamel off our teeth. The enamel is the strength and backbone to our teeth. As it begins to fade, our teeth become more sensitive to hot and cold foods.

On average, it has been studied that people use twice as less pressure with a power toothbrush to get twice the results than a manual toothbrush. This low pressure makes it comfortable for people with sensitive teeth to still brush their teeth.

5. More Care, Less Costs

The introduction of the electric toothbrush was seen in the 1960’s. However, the initial models were extremely expensive and they were only widely available in dental offices. This made is difficult for people to access the technology and power of the toothbrush.

However, the technology has evolved significantly enough that you can find one under $10 in a retail store.

A Positive Impact on Dental Care

Electric toothbrushes are an important part of dental hygiene. They are more effective than manual toothbrushes and have less side effects. Plus, they help with saving money on copays for dental procedures. It’s undeniable they are becoming the new mainstream toothbrush.

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