Kitten Giveaways Are Purrfect!

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Organizations committed to preventing animal cruelty are stepping up their game with various initiatives that in one way or another amount to kitten giveaways. From roughly late spring through early fall, kitten populations tend to overflow animal shelters’ capacities. Humane societies with no-kill policies are increasingly addressing the influx with free feline adoptions during so-called kitten season. Free Kitten Giveaways And even where animal shelters

What Is the Difference Between Rich and Wealthy?

difference between rich and wealthy

Do you believe there is a difference between rich and wealthy? Have you ever considered it before? We’re going to spend two quick minutes in this article doing just that. Exploring the Difference Between Rich and Wealthy What is “Rich?” What is “Wealthy?” Time to jump back into grade school for a moment. Sometimes the best way to explore a topic is to lay a groundwork.

Legal ways to watch TV Online to Save Money


Technology has brought about many changes to our daily lives. Now, we can even watch TV on our computers, laptops or mobile phones. There are many legal options available, so we will only review our 4 best options of watching TV on the internet, you can find more on comparison sites like Broadband Choices. Virgin Media Virgin Media is a broadband internet provider based in

Can I Live Off Interest On a Million Dollars?

can i live off interest on a million dollars

If you’re nearing retirement age, or simply planning in advance, you may be asking yourself how much you’ll need. We’re going to target one specific question in today’s article: “Can I live off interest on a million dollars?” Scenarios like this have many variables, so let’s start by asking some questions. Retirement Planning – Can I Live Off Interest On a Million Dollars? Some financial

Savvy Shopper Secrets: Get the Inside Track on Ways to Spend Less


Do you scratch your head wondering how the neighbors have more stuff? Their added luxuries may be due to their ability to spend wisely. It’s a learned capability like geometry or hitting a baseball. Like most good things, it doesn’t come instantly. Here’s how to take the inside track and be on your way to less spending and more luxuries. Be Fickle About Nesting Money

3 Personal Finance Ratios Everyone Should Know

Personal Finance Ratios

One of the ways you can measure how well you are doing financially is by understanding certain personal finance ratios. We’re going to talk about three particular ratios and how they relate you in today’s article. 3 Personal Finance Ratios Everyone Should Know There are a number of ratios that personal finance aficionados like to track. Tracking those ratios helps you go beyond what your

How Much Money Can be Saved When Vaping?


Everyone agrees upon the fact that vaping is healthier than smoking tobacco cigarettes. But, since we are constantly comparing these two habits, shall we dare to compare which one of them is money-saving one? The answer is, of course. The cost of smoking Determining the cost of smoking is actually quite difficult. It depends on how passionate smoker you are, how many packs of cigarettes

4 Websites Women are Shopping to Save Hundreds on Clothing


Online shopping can get so expensive fast. It’s really easy to add cute items to your cart and so very hard to remove them. Plus you have to the extra cost of shipping and tax when you calculate the total cost. That’s why you should always keep an eye out for coupons and deals. It’s how women everywhere save hundreds a month when shopping online.

5 Different Ways to Have Fun Online and Save Some Money in the Process


Film and TV Whereas 20 years ago watching movies required trips to either the video store or the movie theater, now we have on-demand access to practically every film and show ever made. While there are several devices and services which promise free access to the latest films and shows, these are not always entirely legal. However, even the paid services are an absolute bargain.

Financial Management On a Bi-Weekly Budget 101 [Template Included]

financial management on a bi-weekly budget

Do you struggle with traditional budgets? Sometimes once a month is too long to plan out your paychecks. After all, one part of the month may be far more costly than the other, right? If that has been your struggle, I totally relate. I found a solution; however, and that’s why we’re going to talk about financial management on a bi-weekly budget. Financial Management On