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This article addresses the reality of many, many people in our society. What do you do if you are nearing retirement and you haven’t started saving for retirement yet?

This is a perfect example of the value of educating young people in high school about compound interest and what a drastic difference you can make in your retirement by saving early.
A few other bloggers have linked to this article, but I wanted to put it in here just in case you haven’t seen it. This article, is amazing. It really highlights how our consumption based society can really screw a person up. I’m struck with how big of a hole this woman built for her family and noticed that they really could make a lot more progress by changing their lifestyle even further.

6 mortgage myths that can save you money. The term of the loan, and the type of loan are a critical thing to consider when buying a home. Based on your short and long term goals, each loan has it’s benefits.
Credit card companies are building information sites that can help you identify what card is right for you. Hmmmm. Isn’t that a little like a drug dealer recommending either the crack, the meth, or the heroine? I’m not sure I trust them.
Article talks about the fact that many people who are in foreclosure also have lots of high interest debt. Also talks about how some companies are raising their minimum payment which may trigger more fees for the households that can’t afford it. Seems unethical to change the terms on money that you already borrowed. They can’t do that in the mortgage industry, but with no regulations on the credit card companies, it’s open season.