Recurring Bills on a Credit Card

It’s no secret that everybody loves your money. We all give it away to businesses every day with the assumption that the goods and services that each company has, is a better deal than a specific amount of money that’s in our wallet at the time. These days, the money doesn’t even have to be in your wallet. In fact, it doesn’t even have to

Links for you to Love are a nation of “Spenders”. This is a great article that talks about our nation and how we are the richest on the planet and have the highest GDP, but yet rank WAAAAAAY last in savings is the map that shows what the countries contribution to the global net savings/debt is. Notice the U.S. is at ($724) billion. No one else even comes


I have manually kept track of my finances with an Excel spreadsheet for years now. It’s got great charts, and it is doing the trick, but I’ve always wanted to keep track in MS Money or Quicken etc. Each time I’ve tried, I find that I can never get my accounts balanced. Any ideas on how to get started? Are there any secrets? I’ve used

Class comparison Tool

This is very cool. It lets you choose your occupation, education level, income level, and net worth and tells you what class you would be considered to be in. It’s interesting to see how they’ve rated some of the different professions etc. Very much worth your time to check it out: