Carnival Of Personal Finance #75

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Thanks for coming by “ELYM’s Used PF Article Dealership“. Has anyone helped you yet? Can I show you around the carnival? Are you looking to check out an article today, or are you just browsing?

Well, Let me just say, you’ve obviously got good taste in personal finance articles. Just you coming by today tells me that you have really done your homework. Have you checked out other personal finance posts on the internet? I’ll tell you right now we can beat those articles with what we’ve got in our carnival today.



First let me show you a 2006 PF Article that you aren’t going to see everyday: Madame X @ My Open Wallet has a great post about being interested in everything and letting yourself think about nothing.  Get it?  Read the post.  I love the simpler approach to life and it’s a hell of a lot cheaper!

If that article didn’t feel right, then check this article out over here: Brian @ Genius Types wins my award for longest and best article of the carnival.  It has great points and he delivers them with personal examples.  Great article Brian!!

I can get you in to this article TODAY! CJ @ Coinjar talks about overspending and how setting limits can really help.  I’m not sure if I like this article because of the potato chips, or because of his money point, but I do like it!

How about you take this article for a spin? Let me just see your ID real quick: IRA @ Inchoate Random Abstractions talks about one of the 7 Deadly Sins and points out how ridiculous the materialism has gotten in our country.  AMEN.  I have no intention of spending a holiday out standing in line trying to spend money on material crap.  I’ll buy my daughter a few Christmas presents, but not in a frenzy and certainly not with $100 bills.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been looking for an article like this for a long time: TFB over at The Finance Buff hits me hard.  I tend to pay my insurance monthly.  I’ve never bothered to figure out what that works out to be for an interest rate (with their small fee.

I’ve had a few calls on this article today. I’d check it out now before it’s GONE! Donna @ The Weight of Money points out that we should all try to work personal finance discussions in to our daily lives.  I agree.  I LOVE to chat about it and frequently do with others around me.  Little by little, I think it makes an impact.

The difference between this article and all the others is, you’ll actually love this article for a long time: Jon @ Art of Money talks about Muhammad Yunus who gave out loans based on trust in one of the poorest countries in the world and the lessons that were learned from it.

What’s it going to take to get you in to this article right now? Binary Dollar @ Binary Dollar blogs about how to ace a performance review.  I literally just had my performance evaluation on Friday and can tell you he knows what he’s talking about!

I’m going to lose my shirt on the link to this article, but I want you to have it! LAMoneyGuy @ It’s Just Money is dealing with a situation that many of us have observed.  Relatives on a mission to destroy their future, but he’s got to watch what he does so he doesn’t get everyone mad at him…..

This article may not be here tomorrow, so check it out today! FMF @ Free Money Finance highlights 301 of his posts on saving money.  This post wins the award for number of links in one post!  Lots of saving ideas here!

Normally we don’t offer this kind of article to just anyone, but I think we can make an exception today: Matt @ brings up the point that those people who are paid every two weeks, get two extra checks per year.  Yes, and one of my bonus checks is due in Nov!  Woohoo!

I wouldn’t lie to you.  This is a real gem here: Bill @ Ask Uncle Bill talks about a Suze Ormann article and offers some good advice at the end.  I always try to watch people that I KNOW are successful to see what they are doing.

The payments on this article are low and you can get this article for no money down: Sun over at The Sun’s Financial Diary discusses the fees he has to pay in his 401k.  I wish I had more choices in my 401k, but am actually pretty happy with the fees in mine.

Y’know, I had a special feeling about you when you walked in here.  I’ve been saving this classic just for you: Brian @ Brian has a theory about Parkinson’s law for financial abundance.  Sounds reasonable to me.  There are certainly lots of examples of his theory in my neighborhood


(There are always plenty of gems (aka: bargains) on the back lot.  Take a look around.)

Joe @ Finance 4 Kids discusses 3 steps for better money management

John @ Universe of Success discusses the law of compensation

Helen @ Make Money Smart lists 9 faulty assumptions about wealth

Jeremie @ eFIPO talks about relying on the world markets for your retirement

TJP @ Investor Trip with 11 ways to spend less money at work or school

Dana @ Not Made of Money reviews another way to shop online and offers some input

Sun @ The Sun’s Financial Diary blogs about 401k Traders vs rebalancers

Mr Credit Card @ Ask Mr Credit Card’s Blog talks about how to choose a low interest credit card

Ben @ Money Smart Life asks, “Who wants free estate planning?”

Erik @ Money Crashers lists the 5 401k mistakes to avoid

Bluntmoney @ tells you why you should worry about interest!

Finance Girl @ Financial Fitness tells us how to stop getting and giving crappy gifts

Erik @ Verve Coaching’s Part two of his series on “Getting out of Debt

Pete @ My Financial Awareness blogs about Wisdom from Tao – “Chase After Money and Security and Your Heart Will Never Unclench

King of Debt @ We’re in Debt looks at how renting will save them money

Nickel @ Five Cent Nickel reviews the reward credit cards in his wallet

L @ Living Almost Large reviews different mortgage options and articulates why they like their ARM

Mike @ Blog Money Whore gives his point of view on Dental Insurance

Henry @ InsureBlog talks about a client’s health insurance choices and the pros and cons

Thatedguy @ A Penny Saved talks about the Investment Pyramid

Amateur Investor @ The Road to Riches reviews a couple of the “Rules to get Rich by

Big Cajun Man @ Canadian Financial Rants tells us to “Listen like a welder

Trent @ The Simple Dollar does what we’ve all done: Tells his younger self how to be smart at a young age

Surfer Sam @ Surfer Sam and Friends tells you everything you want to know about Google and then some

Dan @ Searchlight Crusade gives advice on securing a back up loan

Fire Finance @ Fire Finance explains that all is well if our HEART is well

Mr Juggles @ Long or Short Capital gives us a tip for deflating an ego of someone you need to get even with

Jenna over at Moneybucks discusses flexible spending accounts and highlights the potential savings if you use them!

Louise @ Frugal Babe gives us a peak at what it takes to handle the finances for a business.  It’s not as easy as some people might think, that’s for sure

Michael @ Financial Freedom points out that everyone should have a mentor when trading in the market

Dividend Guy @ The Dividend Guy Blog discusses a couple of his holdings and how he gets international market exposure

Silicon Valley Blogger @ The Digerati Life has a great post about saving.  Check it out!

Ralph @ Enough Wealth gives a quick review of a Free Home-Study Personal Finance course

Penny @ Money and Values talks about social investing, spending, banking etc.  I enjoyed this article and have some of the same feelings

Super Saver @ My Wealth Builder points us to a college savings calculator

Jeffrey Strain @ PF Advice blogs about bounching checks.  It’s really not such a good idea!!  :)

David @ How do People Get Rich? gives us 3 of the Easiest Ways to Make Money

Andy @ talks about Opportunity cost and ways you can measure it

Steve @ Debt Free gives you the skinny on TV prices after Thanksgiving.  As much as I’d like to buy one, I’m not going to.  They’ll just keep getting cheaper and better

Nick @ Profy lists a lot of links that might help you with various situations, including tracking your net worth with NetworthIQ

Brian @ Your Money Matters discusses why paying off your mortgage early isn’t necessarily a good strategy

WenchyPoo @ Wisdom from Wenchypoo blogs about IRA’s and some strategies for dealing with them

Tricia @ Blogging Away Debt reviews her entrance in to the world of online savings banks

Scott @ Scott on Money reminds us that index funds aren’t necessarily the only way to go

Joe @ Roth & Company Tax Update points out that the IRS is requiring receipts for all charitable gifts in 2007.  Will it hurt the Salvation Army etc?

Donna @ Taking Control of Money reviews her family’s financial situation

F. D. Bryant @ FDBryant3’s Newsvine reviews a Kiplinger article and talks about how he fits in

Supermom In NY @ Getting Out of Debt gives us some saving advice when it comes to recycling

NCN @ No Credit Needed is seeking PF Bloggers to blog about their favorite Charities

Phew.  Still here?  Listen.  We are going to be closing soon.  If I can’t get you to tell me what your favorite post was, then I guess we are done here.  I’ve got a family and kids to get home to and I certainly don’t want to spend my evening here with someone that can’t make up their mind.

[Editor’s Note] That was a lot of posts.  I never realized how much work one of these carnivals can be!  Thanks for coming by.  I apologize to a few of the submitters that didn’t make it in the carnival.  I had a bit of a DATA meltdown during the creation of this and think I may have missed a couple.

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