Links to Love

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted “Links to Love”.  Here are some of the better links floating around out there:


Fight the urge to splurge @ Get Rich Slowly

JD does a great job at pointing out how so many of us fall victim to useless spending.  I especially like the idea he mentions to force yourself to put 10% of your purchases in a savings account.  Great idea!!

Which is better? Stocks or Real Estate @ CNN Money

Suprisingly stocks return a much better value over the long haul.  This reinforces my belief that you shouldn’t chase one particular method of investing.  I’m putting money both in to real estate and in to the market.

Look out! Cel phone companies are targeting your kids

As if you didn’t have enough to worry about.  Let the marketing onslaught begin.  Cel phone companies are looking to increase their revenues by targeting younger and younger kids.  Reminds me of the pharmaceutical industry targeting adults with their newly created “Adult ADD“.  All in the name of revenue, my friend.

Mortgage firms to offer loan aid

Who would have guessed that mortgage firms would begin offering aid to distressed homeowners.  If you took a crazy loan out and aren’t sure how you are going to pay it back, you may want to check this out.

One more reason to love Credit Unions

Credit unions are out educating young people about money.  They have already educated more than 45,000 Michigan students.  If you have a credit union in your area, chances are you can use it.  Check out their rates and fees.  I bet they beat the big banks because they don’t make a profit~


  1. Mike says

    I just found your site through Ramit’s “I will teach you to be rich” site. Looks like you have a good thing going over here.

    Wanted to comment on the real estate vs stocks bit. Although I agree completely with the data in the article and your take about investing in both (very smart idea), one must remember that the benefit of real estate investment also includes the potential income from renters. You can’t buy a stock with a 30-year loan and then turn around and have someone pay you monthly to rent it.

  2. Hazzard says

    Very true. I have considered buying a rental but the economics in my area make it tough to get a decent rental. I just don’t have enough capital to put down. The second home we are building could potentially be a rental at some point in the future. (After we’ve enjoyed it for awhile).

    Glad you found the site. Ramit has sent me a lot of traffic over the last year or so!