My 2015 Financial Goals

4f24911c1ba84fd6b99a503bf36efbcaSince there’s only one day left until the New Year I guess it’s time to get my financial goals out laid out. This year I decided on three main financial goals.

Since I’ve narrowed it down to just these three I’ll have time to give these the attention that they need.

Here they are:

Save $20,000 for a Down Payment on a Farm

My number one goal is to save $20,000 to go toward a down payment on a farm. This amount obviously won’t cover the entire down payment I’d like to have but it’s a great start.

I grew up on a mini farm and going back and forth from my trailer to my boyfriend’s house in town just isn’t’ cutting it for me anymore. I want my kids to be able to play in the woods and ride four wheelers and go on hikes. I also dislike having neighbors. I want to live back in the woods secluded from everyone else. *That* is my dream life.

My long term goal is to buy a farm house by the beginning of 2017. My kids will be six and eight in 2017. This will give me two years to save money for a down payment and to look at all of my options.

Earn $60,000 This Year

I’m beyond excited for my earning potential this year. All of my hard work has fallen into place and awesome opportunities keep sprouting up all around me. About a month ago I took a good look at my freelance business and dropped all of my clients but two.

This was hard for me to do but was such a great decision. Now I have the ability to really focus and maximize the projects I’m working on.

Live a More “Natural” Life

This sounds like a pretty broad goal but it’s important to me. I want to stop wasting so much and stop spending my money on junk.

I want to be really intentional in the way I use my money. This means putting a freeze on buying items that I don’t really need and looking for more natural alternatives to the way I already do things.

For 2015 my motto’s going to be “make do or do without.”

What are Your Goals?

Those are the three things I’ll really be concentrating on this year. Have you set your 2015 financial goals yet?