Legal ways to watch TV Online to Save Money

Technology has brought about many changes to our daily lives. Now, we can even watch TV on our computers, laptops or mobile phones. There are many legal options available, so we will only review our 4 best options of watching TV on the internet, you can find more on comparison sites like Broadband Choices.

  1. Virgin Media

Virgin Media is a broadband internet provider based in the UK. With this service, you can watch up to 100 channels online. The channels will cover sports, documentaries and many other types of shows. You will be able to access Netflix, Virgin Movies, Cartoon Network, Disney Junior and even Sky Cinema, among many other services. This service provides the fastest broadband service available, capping at 300 Mb/s. The starter package gives you a speed of 100 Mb/s, which is still very fast.

The only notable disadvantage of this service is the high price of the entry-level package. The total cost for the Player TV bundle in the first year is £404.00. The monthly fee is £32, and you have to pay an extra set up fee of £20. For this price, you will also be able to make calls around the UK without having to make additional payments.

  1. Sky

Sky offers you the capacity to watch TV on the internet and even allows you to pause and rewind the shows. You can even record anything you find interesting. For the first 18 months, the original bundle plus fibre will cost you £42 per month. An additional set up fee of £39.95 is also charged, bringing the total cost in the first year to £543.95. The whole 18-month contract will cost you £795.95.

The package will include:

  • 54 entertainment channels
  • 4 international channels
  • 6 lifestyle channels
  • 8 news channels
  • 6 music channels

These are only a few of the channels offered. In total, you will get access to 121 TV stations, including 21 radio stations. Some of these are TV5 Monde, Star Plus, Al Jazeera, BBC News, KISS, TCM Movies, Jewellery Television, Food Network and FOX.

The broadband internet included in this package is quite slow. The maximum speed is 38 Mb/s for downloads and 2 Mb/s for uploads.


  1. TalkTalk

This service gives you access to 94 TV stations and is guaranteed to satisfy anyone who has an interest in television. Almost all categories of TV stations are covered, and you even get 21 radio stations. These include Russia Today, Sky News, 4 Music, Film4, Price-Drop TV and Bid TV. If you have kids, they can enjoy four children stations. Again, with this service, you will be able to pause, rewind or record shows on your television.

The TV Plus with Fiber package will cost you a total of £403 for the first year. This includes a monthly £31.50 charge for the first 18 months. The setup fee is £25. Also, the total cost of the 18-year contract is £592. You can also get other contract lengths from the service.

The package includes unlimited broadband. Just like Sky, the speed of their broadband internet is 38 Mb/s for downloads and 9.5 Mb/s for uploads. With this internet, you can download as much as you want without having to limit the number of users. This makes it great for people who overuse the internet. That said, the internet speed is suboptimal. In addition to television, your package will include free talk time on weekends and evenings. This is restricted to regions around the UK.

  1. Now TV

Now TV offers 100 channels, of which 22 are radio stations. For the first year, this service will cost you £29.99 per month and the set up cost will be £22. Delivery is offered for free. In total, you will spend £381.88 in your first year of use. Their contracts run for a year.

Your package will be inclusive of broadband at a speed of 38Mb/s for downloads, and up to 9.5 Mb/s for uploads. This internet is also unlimited, so you can use it as much as you wish. The service does not have a fair usage policy or traffic management, so it suits heavy internet users.


There are great options available for watching TV online without having to spend a lot of money. These four services will point you in the right direction.