How Not to Give Gifts That Get Tossed in a Corner

The season of giving is about to start. Stores and shops all across the country are stocking up on toys, electronics, and everything in between.

But how do you know which gift to get someone? After all, knowing how to give good gifts doesn’t come naturally to most people. Rather it is a skill that must be learned.

Of course, it helps if you have enough of a budget to get something more than just a keychain or a pack of gum. But assuming you have at least a modest gift budget, there are ways not to give gifts that get tossed in a corner.

Get to Know the Recipient

Gift Cards are a cop out to a real gift most of the time. To give a really great gift you must know the person to whom you are giving it.

What is their favorite color? Do you know their likes and dislikes? If you don’t want to ask them because you know it will give away the surprise of the gift, talk to a family member or other friend. Ask that person for information that will help you select the right gift.

As you get to know a person you will find out answers to these questions and probably many more. Use this knowledge to your advantage.

Buy Gifts Based on Preferences

When you know someone’s preferences and likes you can search for gifts based on that. By making careful selections you are less likely to give gifts that get tossed in a corner.

For example, are they a coffee drinker? Get them a yummy flavored coffee as a gift or something else coffee themed. Or if your friend or family member is into gadgets, get them the newest one.

Remember it isn’t the amount you are spending that is important but rather the thought you put into it. Gifts that are useful and fall in line with the tastes of the receiver increase your odds of getting it right.

Make the Gift Yourself

An inexpensive gift you make yourself is often more valuable to the recipient due to sentiment. It’s like you are giving a little piece of yourself as a gift.

Whether or not you have the money to buy a more expensive gift is irrelevant. Simply think about who is on the receiving end and whether or not they would enjoy the gift. Let that guide you.

Don’t Give Food

Hopefully, if you give food to someone as a gift it is not tossed in a corner. That would not only make a mess but it could get moldy which is just gross.

In all seriousness though, giving food as a gift should be done with caution. In fact, unless you know the recipient well I would steer clear of it altogether.

Many people have food allergies, restrictions, or other health issues that could make your gift of food worthless to them. Worse than that, though, would be if someone ended their festivities early because of an emergency room trip.

Give an Experience

What do you get for the person who seems to have everything they want? Give them an experience instead of a thing.

People who seem to have everything are many times very busy and successful. One of the things they value the most is time and experiences.

As an example, get them a trip to a luxury spa. Or, take them to the theatre if a spa trip is something they would not enjoy.

When you’re trying not to give gifts that get tossed in a corner the most important thing to do is plan ahead. Think about who is getting the gift and what they would want.  If you do that and follow these tips, the odds are good you will succeed.

Have you ever given a gift that got tossed in a corner? Did it make you feel like you wasted your time and money?

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