Grow Food Indoors, Even in Winter

grow food indoors

The world’s most frugal foodies farm what they eat. But what if you live in an urban apartment without a yard? No problem: you can grow food indoors even if you don’t have windows!

3 Personal Finance Ratios Everyone Should Know

One of the ways you can measure how well you are doing financially is by understanding certain personal finance ratios. We’re going to talk about three particular ratios and how they relate you in today’s article. 3 Personal Finance Ratios Everyone Should Know There are a number of ratios that personal finance aficionados like to track. Tracking those ratios helps you go beyond what your

Financial Management On a Bi-Weekly Budget 101 [Template Included]

financial management on a bi-weekly budget

Do you struggle with traditional budgets? Sometimes once a month is too long to plan out your paychecks. After all, one part of the month may be far more costly than the other, right? If that has been your struggle, I totally relate. I found a solution; however, and that’s why we’re going to talk about financial management on a bi-weekly budget. Financial Management On

Buying Used Furniture Vs New – Worth It or Just Gross?

buying used furniture vs new

Is your dilapidated sofa finally kicking the bucket? Are you moving? Perhaps, it’s time for some new furniture. But here’s the dilemma: You’re on a budget. So buying used furniture vs new is next on your mind. What are the pros and cons? When is it worth it…and when is it just gross? We’re going to explore all of that in today’s article. I was curious

Where to Find Affordable Organic Clothing – Q & A

affordable organic clothing

The great thing about eco-friendly products growing in popularity over the last decade is that more companies sell them. With more demand comes more commerce, more competition, and, ultimately, lower prices. Because of that shift in the world of fashion commerce, affordable organic clothing is a reality for middle-class families, too. Q: What is organic clothing? Isn’t organic in reference to stuff you eat? A: I

Tipping Etiquette 101: Do You Tip At Sonic?

Do You Tip At Sonic

A shift in our culture has occurred. It happened when the flow of currency went paperless. Most companies adjusted accordingly. One occupation slipped through the cracks, however. To this day, it’s hard to get a unified answer from managers, employees, and customers on what is the right thing to do. One such question we’ll explore today is: Do you tip at Sonic? I’m not here

Visa Signature vs Visa Platinum: 5 Things You Need to Know

visa signature vs visa platinum

Shopping for a credit card can be an eye-opening experience. There are so many cards out there with so many perks and benefits. It is truly a tough decision when deciding what’s going to be in your wallet. In hopes of narrowing things down a little, we are going to compare two specific cards: Visa Signature vs Visa Platinum. There are five things you need

Blue Apron Review: The Pros and Cons of a Fresh Meal Delivery Service

Blue Apron Review

For me, Blue Apron was the defibrillator my pallet needed to experience new foods, flavors, and aromas. I have a busy life as a work-at-home wife and mother of two. Because of this I often get stuck in the same cycle of meals: Taco night, spaghetti night, stir fry night, pizza night, etc. My husband and I want to eat healthier and get away from

My Paribus Review: The Online Shopping App That Makes Money for You

Paribus review

People are projected to spend $523 billion shopping online by 2020. With that comes the ever-growing challenge of saving money. Some popular methods are things like online coupons and codes, but today, we’re going to cover how to earn money back through your online receipts via the free app Paribus. Below is my own Paribus review to walk you through the software, the pros and