Here are some of the tools we recommend for you to manage your hard-earned money and reach financial security.

Free Credit Scores

Free sites you can use to monitor your credit score.

If you neither of these are going to work for you, you can always get your credit report for a small fee. The contact information for the three major credit reporting agencies is:

Trans Union (800-916-8800)
Equifax (800-685-1111)
Experian (888-397-3742)

Tools for Budgeting and Investment

Useful tools to help you budget your finances and keep track of your investment portfolio.

Downloadable Software

These 3 software packages are very useful and free to download and use.

Personal Finance Forums

The best place to ask for questions is a community that has the same interest as you do. These forums may be one of the best places you can find around the net.

Personal Finance Books

richdadpoordadRich Dad Poor Dad – From the author who changed how tens of millions think about money is a book about his two dads and the way they shaped his perception about money and investing. This book is considered as the #1 personal finance book in the modern world.  Kiyosaki’s approach is simple.  Buy asssets that put cash in your pocket instead of liabilities that take cash out of your pocket.  Check it out here.

thetotalmoneymakeoverThe Total Money Makeover – Dave Ramsey, one of the greatest personal finance symbols of this era, stresses out that personal finance is 80% behavior and 20% knowledge.  Dave’s book has been hugely helpful in assisting hundreds of thousands out of their debt problems. Want to know why? Grab a copy here

richhabitsRich Habits – Illustrates 10 basic principles created after years of observation and research regarding daily success habits of the author’s richest clients.  These principles also point out that one can be rich and successful regardless of educational background and income.  What is more important are “rich habits” – education, social networking, good manners and self improvement. Click here for more.

richestmanbabylonThe Richest man in Babylon – A collection of parables set in ancient Babylon. These parables give readers a certain path in understanding financial problems and provides simple yet effective ways of solving these problems. The lessons you can get are priceless – save and invest, reduce expenses, track your spending and buy insurance.  The book has been in print since 1926, so definetly get a copy here.

themillionairenextdoorThe Millionaire Next Door – Identifies 7 common traits among those who have accumulated wealth. These common traits revolve around 3 types of wealth accumulators – the Under Accumulator of Wealth(UAW), the Average Accumulator of Wealth(AAW), and the Prodigious Accumulators of Wealth(PAW). Click here to learn more.

thinkandgrowrichThink and Grow Rich – This is considered as the most inspirational and authentic self-improvement book in personal finance. A compilation of over 20 years of study of the most succesful businessmen and women that you just can’t let pass. Click here to get the book!

freakonomicsFreakonomics – A book that shows the power of data mining and how it relates to the hidden side of almost anything. It emphasizes the importance of careful observation of data to arrive at a sensible conclusion. While not strictly personal finance related, the book will expand your mind and help you to better understand how to use economics to think about the world. Click here to get a copy.

theautomaticmillionaireThe Automatic Millionaire – The main idea of this book us that one does not get rich with a budget. One must have a plan to pay oneself first automatically. To answer how, the author provides a realistic system including websites and numbers essential to make one an “Automatic Millionaire”. Click here for more information.

the4hourworkweekThe 4-hour Work Week – Author, Tim Ferriss, shows how to escape from a workaholic lifestyle and let go of the traditional way of earning money in order to enjoy life after retirement. The book includes a few controversial topics that will surely give you a “kick in the head”.  His secret? Only check your email once a day and hire help. Want to know more? Click here.

The intelligent investorThe Intelligent Investor – A masterpiece written by Benjamin Graham that is probably the best book ever written on investing. The book introduces “value investing” which is recognized and used by highly sucessful investors such as Warren Buffet. This book is for people who wants to get serious with investing. Click here for a copy.