7 Simple Debt Payoff Strategies You Can Use Today to Smash Debt

I've tried each of these debt payoff strategies and they definitely smash debt!

Ever play Angry Birds? There is something so gratifying about watching those pudgy birds smash into a crumbling fortress, isn’t there? That got me thinking, it’s too bad debt payoff strategies can’t be as effective. Or can they? Not everyone can light some TNT under their tower of debt and incinerate it. Now that would be a popular app. It takes much more time, patience, and hard work

Is JK Rowling Still a Billionaire?

Is J.K. Rowling still a billionaire? Find out how her generosity trumped her status here.

One of the most famous “rags to riches” stories in our time is Joanne “J.K.” Rowling. The author of the world famous Harry Potter series wowed the world again in 2012 by purposely directing her riches in the opposite direction. Now the curious world is asking the question: “Is JK Rowling still a billionaire?” Lots of famously wealthy people give to charity, but Rowling gave

4 Traits for Success Among Wealthy Women from All Walks of Life

If you enjoy learning traits for success, here are some from four wonderfully successful women.

Everybody loves an underdog. We love a rags to riches story of a woman beating the odds and carving out a well-earned life of wealth. But, what about the woman who woke up one day with a billion dollar share in her family’s company? What traits for success do wealthy women from all walks of life have to offer us? Does their advice even apply

5 Unique Ways to Invest $20 and Make Money

If you're looking for some non-traditional ways to invest $20, here are five to get you started.

What’s the most conventional way to invest money? The stock market? A 401K? Those are terrific and can make you very wealthy when used accordingly, but if you have a few bucks in your wallet and want a few unique ways to make it grow, here are five ways to invest $20 and make money. 5 Unique Ways to Invest $20 and Make Money You

What Bluebirds and First-Generation Millionaires Have In Common

It's weird, but true. Here is something bluebirds have in common with first-generation millionaires.

The other day, I was reading a book about backyard birds in North America to my 3-year-old. I’ll admit; it wouldn’t have been my first choice, but sometimes my kids are more mature than me. That’s when it dawned on me. These common birds are doing their best to build nest eggs just like us. In fact, one of them exhibits habits that remind me

How We Bought a House Using the 52-Week Money Saving Challenge

Take a look at some of the long-term perks of the 52-week money saving challenge. It worked great for my family!

My husband and I took a nontraditional route as newlyweds and didn’t buy a house for five years. We wanted to, especially when our children came on the scene, but our focus was paying off debt and saving up a down payment. The catalytic moment for our house fund was the day we discovered the 52-week money saving challenge. If you’ve ever owned a house,

7 Ways to Save Over $1,000 By Taking the 52-Week Money Challenge

I finally figured out how to spice up my savings habits. Here are a few ways using the 52-Week Money Challenge!

When my husband and I were going through an extremely frugal season of our lives (in other words, we were broke), it seemed almost impossible to save much money. We put away whatever we could toward emergencies and were, thankfully, living debt-free, but that was all we could do. That was until we decided to take the 52-Week Money Challenge. This is the challenge that

Could you Pass a Financial Stress Test?


Most Americans are constantly in the state of deep financial stress for several reasons. If you would like to avoid it and have some peace of mind money wise, continue on reading to know the ways to see if you can withstand the stress. Calculate your readiness for unexpected expenses. It is best to get a quick idea of where you stand. Unexpected events in

Why You’ll Thank Yourself for Taking the 52-Week Money Challenge

I'm so glad I ran across this 52-week money challenge. It's so easy!

How would you like to save $1,378 starting with a deposit of $1? The 52-Week Money Challenge is the perfect way to do that! What is the 52-Week Money Challenge? The run down on how to start this challenge is as follows: Step #1: Designate a starting week (many people start during the first week in January). Step #2: Deposit $1 on week #1. A

Four Newborn Items That You Can Find at A Thrift Store


Whether you’re a first-time parent or adding your second, third, fourth, or more child to your brood, you know that babies require a lot of stuff.  It can be hard to stick to a budget when purchasing baby gear, because you want the best for your baby — and let’s face it, baby stuff is just so adorable! But it all adds up, leaving you