Fastest Lending Options Available On The Market

There are many reasons why someone might need to come into some money quickly. Emergencies, car problems and loss of a job are just a few things that could happen and result in a major lack of funds. When you don’t have any money saved up for rainy days, you could be scrambling to find some ways to get the money you need. There are

7 Ways to Make Your Car Insurance Cheaper


The title, above, indicates that you are currently a car owner who has car insurance, but you need or wish to make it a more affordable item in your budget. You should know that insurance is one of the biggest expenses relating to car ownership, and finding any way to reduce this expense, without compromising your coverage, is a very frugal move. Because you already

How To Tell If You Are Cheap Or Frugal


First of all, the headline is not redundant. This post is designed to put to rest that the terms “frugal” and “cheap” are interchangeable. There is a difference between the two terms, and being called one thing is actually a bit more honorable than the other. This article will help you determine whether you are more cheap or more frugal. There are very few people

The Cashflow Quadrant Explained: Is This the Key to Financial Freedom? [FREE INFOGRAPHIC]

cashflow quadrant

The Cashflow Quadrant could make you a millionaire. But how do you turn a formula on a page into dollars in the bank? We’ll explore that in today’s article. The information in Robert T. Kiyosaki’s book, “Rich Dad’s Cashflow Quadrant” is a follow-up to his best-seller, “Rich Dad, Poor Dad.” Kiyosaki used this formula in his own life, enabling him to become so wealthy that

4 Essential Money Moves for 2017


This is a guest post from Pauline of We are just over two months into 2017, and what better way to finish that first quarter than by setting the foundations for a strong financial year? With these five easy money moves, you should find enough room in your budget to save, invest, and even have fun! Plan your year’s budget Often, when you feel

Blue Apron Review: The Pros and Cons of a Fresh Meal Delivery Service

Blue Apron Review

For me, Blue Apron was the defibrillator my pallet needed to experience new foods, flavors, and aromas. I have a busy life as a work-at-home wife and mother of two. Because of this I often get stuck in the same cycle of meals: Taco night, spaghetti night, stir fry night, pizza night, etc. My husband and I want to eat healthier and get away from

Eastern Europe Online Gambling Market Rising Quickly


Eastern Europe gambling market is expanding at a faster pace, and this is attracting attention from both land-based and internet casinos. Although the region has suffered economic crisis, it is still thought to hold huge potential for casino operators. This can be seen in how major casino brands are now extending their services to Eastern Europe. However, the problem here is that this region doesn’t

My Paribus Review: The Online Shopping App That Makes Money for You

Paribus review

People are projected to spend $523 billion shopping online by 2020. With that comes the ever-growing challenge of saving money. Some popular methods are things like online coupons and codes, but today, we’re going to cover how to earn money back through your online receipts via the free app Paribus. Below is my own Paribus review to walk you through the software, the pros and

How Much Is My Hair Worth?

how much is my hair worth

You may be thinking about donating your hair, and you’re wondering if there is a tax break for it. Or you’re interested in cashing in your ponytail to pay off some bills. Before you pick up those scissors, let’s answer the most important question, how much is my hair worth? How Much Is My Hair Worth? Selling Hair You’ve grown your hair out nice and long,

Looking for a Walmart Savings Catcher Phone Number for Troubleshooting?

Walmart Savings Catcher Phone Number

Having trouble finding a Walmart Savings Catcher phone number for technical support? In the past, you may have tried jumping into the labyrinth of automated menus by calling 1-800-WALMART, but now you can reach Savings Catcher directly (and talk to a real person) by dialing 866-224-1663. The way I found this number, and how you can find additional customer service for your Walmart-related questions, was by