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When and Why to Sell Structured Settlement Payments

207f98d2fe044938839ed5d593ba5533For most people, this sounds like a pretty abstract concept. Lots of people aren’t even totally sure what a structured settlement is. If this is you, don’t worry. Why would you need to know this? For those who are interested, a structured settlement is an arrangement that settles a lawsuit, made out of the courtroom. Let’s say you’re the plaintiff. You’ve been hurt or wronged in some way. You sue the person or entity which has hurt or wronged you, and the matter gets scheduled to go to court.

Your opponent, the defendant, knows that your case is very strong. Their lawyers also know this. They know that they won’t have a chance in hell in a courtroom, in front of a real live judge and jury. So they pivot. Instead of getting the matter drawn out for months or years in a courtroom, kicking up high costs and damaging reputations, they opt to make a deal with you outside of the courtroom.

So you and your lawyers and they and their lawyers meet someplace, and they present you with an offer. Instead of dragging the matter out in a court of law, will you accept $X? If you say yes, the matter is resolved. Well, sort of. Sometimes, things are just getting started on your end of things.

In many cases, the defendant’s lawyers will push for you to receive a structured settlement, not a payment made as one lump sum. Structured settlements were instituted to ensure that plaintiffs get the most “bang for their buck”, so to speak, when they get a resolution to their case. With a structured settlement, a lump sum paid out monthly for many years, the plaintiff won’t be able to “spend it all in one place”, so to speak. It’s a system that can provide long term security for people, particularly after a very trying event.

But this doesn’t work for some people. Some individuals will do a lot better if they’re able to spend their money all at once. They have ideas for starting businesses, buying homes, going to school, and other worthy expenditures which require a lot of money up front. For these sorts of people, a structured settlement would be a life-changer, if only they could get access to the money all at once.

Individuals actually are able to sell structured settlement payments, to a variety of companies around the world. An annuity sold can jumpstart a lot of money-making strategies, or it can help in other ways. Some people have crippling debt, which is accruing interest charges faster than it can be paid off. Getting access to your structured settlement or annuity lump sum is an integral part in getting plans like these off the ground, plans which will benefit your life, and the lives of the ones you love, for many months or years to come.


So if you find yourself with a payment structure like this, for whatever reason, consider whether or not selling the payments would be a good choice for you. It could help you a lot for many years to come. But it’s also important to shop around, to make sure you’re getting the best deal. Whatever you decide, it should be a positive impact on your life.

How to Win at Spread Betting

live off one incomeThe key to more consistent wins in spread betting lies within the challenge of working out which companies are under and overvalued and betting accordingly. The danger comes with the fact that it allows punters to wager much more than the cash they pay up front, and it is not always obvious how much money they could stand to lose. This principle opens the door to tremendous gains but also immense losses due to the volatility of stocks. 

What is Spread Betting?

Spread betting is a form of betting that allows you to take a position on whether you think a market will rise or fall, without actually buying the underlying asset. Importantly, spread betting is a leveraged product. This means you only have to put down a small deposit for a much larger market exposure.

Betting using leverage means there are significant benefits and risks, allowing you to win many times the initial stake. However you can also lose more than you initially deposit. For example, assume that a spread-betting company quotes a bid of £200 and an offer of £203 for a certain stock. If you believed that the price for that stock will go below £200, you could then bet an amount of money, for example £2, for every pound that the stock falls below £200. Therefore, if the stock price after a week came to £190 you would receive a £20 return from your bet. However if the price was £215 after the week you would end up losing £30.

How to Win

One thing that is absolutely paramount to successful spread betting is to take it slow at the start. Needless money is lost by people new to spread betting as they don’t properly understand what they’re doing. It is imperative that you take time to familiarise yourself with the ins and outs of spread betting before wagering larger sums of money. It’s far better to watch the market, get some sort of strategy in place and look for the trades where the risk is small and the potential profit is large. This may mean doing nothing for a few days or even a week or two but that’s often a sign of a good trader. Risking your money on any and everything you can bet on is a terrible strategy. Taking your time, making researched and calculated decisions is the only way to make your wins bigger and your losses smaller.

When starting out it is important to remember that betting on the value of stocks to go down is just as profitable as betting that stocks will go up. The value of a stock falling is often easier to predict than it rising and spotting this early gives you a great chance to make more successful bets.

Research is key to successful spread betting. Having a solid knowledge of the market along with understanding the companies you’re betting on is a good place to start. Most of your research can be done on the Internet and by speaking to people in the know. Reading the newspapers, studying each company, arming yourself with a good instinct and nurturing an appetite for risk will also increase your chances of doing well.

All markets are always unpredictable. Drastic changes in the value of a stock can happen overnight, making it difficult to accurately predict whether it will rise or fall with a strong degree of certainty. However some stocks are naturally less prone to large fluctuations in value. These yield much less potential for big winnings in exchange for a safer bet and are a good place to start, slowly moving onto high risk/reward stocks.


So can anyone be a profitable better simply if they work hard enough and study the stocks? In theory, yes. You need to have courage in your convictions and stick out positions over the long term. Many get unnerved by initial losses and lack the tenacity to keep trying, or they continue to make the same mistakes. Spread betting attracts the kind of people who are used to and enjoy taking risks, but are also calm, calculated and patient. No book, course or experienced investor can teach someone everything they need to be an expert in spread betting, you have to learn on the job, keep alert and work hard.

Cheap Vacation Ideas

The average family vacation can run you thousands of dollars. If you’ve been thinking up cheap vacation ideas here are a few to get you started.Cheap vacations are kind of my thing. I don’t like to travel a lot and when I take a vacation it’s far from extravagant, which is a good thing seeing as the average family vacation can run you thousands of dollars.

If you’ve been thinking up cheap vacation ideas here are a few to get you started.


Camping is an age old family activity that definitely fits the cheap bill.

With camping you have a few options. You can rent, or borrow a camper, and park it a campground or you can find a nice place to pitch a tent. My family always goes the tent route.

We invested in a large tent and a couple of air mattresses a few years ago that repeatedly meet our camping needs.

Amusement Parks

Amusement parks aren’t cheap per se, but they are much less inexpensive than taking your family a trip around the country.

Since I live in a small town with not much to do taking my kids to an amusement park that is an hour or more away always feels like a getaway. After spending time at the amusement park all day we just rent a hotel room.

This can cost a few hundred dollars total but this is the kids’ idea of a great vacation!

A Weekend Hotel Stay

Sometimes it’s nice to just explore a new city. This doesn’t have to be expensive at all.

Find a decent hotel to stay in and then explore the city for the weekend. Take walks, explore new restaurants and shops, and just kick back.

Visiting Family in Different Locations

If you have family that live in different states one cost effective way to travel is to stay with your family.

Sure, you’ll still have to pay for airfare or other transportation costs but you’ll have access to free housing and most likely, free food.

Visit a National Park

The last vacation I took where I actually left the state (and visited the next state over) was a trip to a national park. My family and I booked a three night stay in a cabin and drove to Mammoth Cave, KY. There were tons of inexpensive things to do like walking the trails and learning the history of the area.

It was fun for the whole family including my two small children!

What Ideas Do You Have?

Vacations don’t have to cost tons of money. A few hundred dollars can buy you an extremely relaxing and refreshing get away as long as you’re able to make a few compromises.

Trading Binary Options Like a Professional

207f98d2fe044938839ed5d593ba5533When interested in trading binary options, diving in without any education can lead to an obvious result – financial losses. Practically, binary options are similar to most types of trades, only they do not imply buying or selling anything. This type of trading implies betting. You set a bet over a specific period of time. Choose an asset and try to predict its value direction. There are two options – up or down. It makes no difference what direction the market goes in, as long as you indicate it correctly. That is how you make money from places such as Bank Invest.

Definition of binary options

The word binary inevitably describes two parts. When trading binary options, you trade one of these two parts – put or call. In other words, there are only two investment opportunities out there. When looking for diversity, the hundreds of available assets make the difference. You can place this bet on all kinds of assets. Of course, it is highly recommended to avoid things that you are not familiar with. Instead, stick to assets that you do have a clue about. Take your time, research the news, keep an eye on economic updates and so on.

Trading binary options

Investments are nothing but some estimates or predictions. One investment chance is defined when you predict the asset price. Will it rise? If you think it will, then you should just get the call option. The other option is introduced if you “see” the asset value going down. Trying to bet on a lower price by the end of the set period? Choose the put option. When trading binary options, the good news is that you do not have too much work to do. You do not have to keep an eye on every economic aspect and worry about the right time to buy or sell. Plus, the good news is that you can determine the potential profit or loss before even placing the trade.

The assets

Choosing the optimal asset is by far the first and most important thing in trading binary options. Once again, decide on something that you are familiar with. For example, if you like to study gold prices, place a trade in gold. It is easy to realize that the more you know about the gold market, the easier it is to predict fluctuations of gold costs.

All in all, when trading binary options, you have a few hundred assets at your disposal, depending on the trading portal you choose:

  • Commodities
  • Indices
  • Foreign currencies
  • Stocks

Research is the mother of good choices and decisions, so do not dive in out of nowhere. This is not a field to count on good luck and random choices.

How Much to Pay Your Kids for Chores

Wondering how much to pay your kids for chores? Here's what I do and some examples from other parents as well!As a mother and an entrepreneur I have a hard time finding that perfect balance between having chores my kids must do and paying them for chores.

While I want them to be proud that they earned their own money for working hard I also don’t want them to expect that I pay them for every little thing that they do.

Instead I’ve got to strike balance.

If you’re wondering how much to pay your kids for chores here’s what I do.

The No Pay Chores

Like I mentioned I don’t think kids need to be paid for every little chore that they do. Here’s what my kids do (who are ages 5 and 6) for no money:

  • Keep Their Rooms Reasonably Clean
  • Pick Up Their Toys
  • Help Fold Laundry (not mandatory, they like to do this)

These are all simple tasks but I think they’re crucial for kids of all ages. You don’t to have to pay your kids to pick up his own mess.

Chores They Get Paid For

I do not pay my kids for chores every week. They are still relatively young and are expected to do the basics such as keeping their rooms reasonably clean and picking up after themselves.

When they are in the money earning mood I will give them extra tasks to do (which my oldest loves and youngest hates)

Here are some of the common paid chores they do:

Deep cleaning their room: dusting, organizing, making bed, and sweeping their floor. $5

Helping clean a room: this can include dusting, organizing, and sweeping. $2

Since my kids are still so young paying for chores done can be a tricky thing.

Here are some posts from others with kids of varying age levels to give you a better idea:

  • Luke 1428 – Kids ages 6,7,11, and 13
  • Money Crashers – Suggest you pay $1 for one year of age. (A five year old would receive $5/week)
  • com – Several People Weigh In on Chore Payments

How much do you pay your kids for chores?