6 Quick, Tasty and Frugal Recipes

Here is a quick list of tasty and frugal recipes for your next grocery trip.

Food is the biggest budget buster in our house. If you’re trying to eat well and stay out of restaurants, here are several tasty and frugal recipes we’ve enjoyed over the years. To make things simpler, I’ve separated today’s recipes into three categories: Meals with leftovers. After all, what could be more frugal than cooking one meal that feeds your family multiple times? For the

Jumpstart Your Finances with a Printable Monthly Budget Worksheet

Can a printable monthly budget worksheet make a difference in your finances this month?

Do we all agree that a budget is important? Nodding your had gets you one point. Do you agree that it’s difficult sometimes? Two points. Jumping on board with a printable monthly budget worksheet from the following list gets you 50 points. That’s because even if you know in your head that tracking your money is important, it’s much harder to live it out. In

How I Use Debt to Build Wealth

use debt to build wealth

This is a guest post from Pauline of InvestmentZen.com I do not fear risk. I have failed many times and I am not afraid to pick myself up again and try once more. So when it comes to wealth building, I have actually taken more risks than your average saver and investor to get ahead faster. I took on a lot of debt to invest.

Evaluating the Performance of your Investments

currency rates for forex traders

How you evaluate the performance of your investments is dependent on your point of comparison. Are you measuring it against your own goals or against inflation, the market or maybe even other investment managers? This is what is typically referred to as your “benchmark”. Outperformance is when you perform better than your benchmark and underperformance is when you perform worse. Here’s what you need to

LuLaRoe Clothing: How Does It Measure Up with Competitors?

Good information for anyone wanting to know more about LuLaRoe clothing versus its competitors.

If you’ve received a request to join something called “LuLaRoe” by one of your Facebook friends, you’re not alone. The up and coming clothing brand with the zany leggings experienced exponential growth in the last 12 months. According to Business Insider, its team of fashion consultants grew from 2,000 to over 35,000! But, is LuLaRoe clothing really better than competitors? Let’s take a look. What

5 Ways to Chop Debt by the Hundreds This Month

Here are five ways to chop debt by $500 this month.

Are you paying monthly payments that make your eyes cross and you just wish you could chop debt faster? If you’re interested in making a good chunk of change this month, then here is a brief list of ways to make that happen. First, let’s cover some ways I wouldn’t recommend you find cash fast. Don’t make a cash advance on your credit card. Not everyone

Don’t Forget These 7 Important Steps When Getting Out of Debt

Don't forget these important steps when you're getting out of debt.

You’ve decided to make a change. You’ve looked at your life and decided getting out of debt as soon as possible is your next objective. I can say from personal experience that a decision like that can change the trajectory of your life. Congratulations! While you work hard toward your goal, remember there are a few steps that are easily overlooked. I learned that the

3 Simple Ways to Use Advanced Budgeting to Stay On Track

3 ways to use advanced budgeting (in a simple way).

Do you ever run out of cash at the end of the month? That has got to be the most frustrating part of budgeting, in my opinion: Staying on it. To help boost your frugal efforts, I’ve put together a simple list of ways for you use some advanced budgeting as you track your spending this month. 3 Simple Ways to Use Advanced Budgeting to

What Are the Best Financial Management Tips?


Small business owners typically own businesses that reflect their passions, but, unfortunately, understanding your industry inside and out isn’t the only knowledge you need to succeed as a business owner. You also have to know how to effectively manage your finances. Wondering what you need to know to succeed? Here are some of the best financial management tips for small businesses: Budgeting is Key From the

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