Book Review: Ken Fisher’s Beat The Crowd

Ken Fisher is one of the more outstanding characters in finance today.  Born in 1950 Fisher, along with colleague Thomas Grüner started Grüner Fisher Investments 1972.  Since 1972 Fisher’ has grown his wealth management business to $68 Billion in 2015 – making it one of the worlds largest wealth management companies. Fisher has recently racked up a number of prestigious awards.  In 2009 he received

Improve Your Financial Situation to Increase Wealth and Freedom

When it comes to finances, what you don’t know can keep you from experiencing true financial freedom. Simply being able to pay your bills and have a few dollars left over is not the only goal you should strive for. You should work towards obtaining financial freedom so that you can pay your bills and have a substantial amount of money to set aside into

5 Quick Ways to Save Money On Groceries This Week

5 Quick Ways to Save Money On Groceries

Last week, Laura told us how she and her husband became debt-free. This week, she’s sharing some of her expert tips on how to save money on groceries. Enjoy! One of the most important expenses in every household is also one of the most costly. Every family faces the same challenge: How to save money on groceries. Rather than let it stress you out or

How We Paid Off $22,000 and Became Debt-Free in 22 Months

How We Paid Off $22K and became debt-free

Please welcome Laura to the blog as she shares her journey toward debt freedom. My name is Laura Harris and I am a recovering sloppy spender. “Hi, Laura,” you all say. Thank you. So kind. Five years ago, I was engaged to the love of my life, wallowing in debt, embarrassed by my dwindling savings account, and anxious about our future. Twenty-two radical months later,

A Look At Millionaires Who Made Their Money In Unconventional Ways


For those lucky few the days of working a regular 9 until 5 job are over. People of all ages are able to make money by doing sometimes innovative and sometimes just plain bizarre things. Now we all know there is no get rich quick scheme but some of these people they have gotten pretty close.  Here is a close look at a few people

4 Reasons to Have an Emergency Fund

While this list definitely is not exhaustive by any sense of the imagination here are some reasons to have an emergency fund if you don't already.

There have recently been some unexpected circumstances in my extended family that make me once again realize the importance of an emergency fund and also make me want to at least double the amount I currently have saved. It’s really unfortunate that over half of American’s have less than $1,000 in their bank accounts and aren’t prepared for the bad things that happen in life.

Taking Your Business to the Next Level: Corporate Finance Solicitors


Finance is, of course, the primary concern for any business owner, and you would want your finances to be handled correctly. While it might be tempting to take this responsibility on for yourself, making sure the business is run correctly is enough of a task. It is important to make sure your business’s finances are handled correctly, so why not find a corporate finance solicitor

Average Spent on an Engagement Ring (and How to Spend Less)

The average spent on an engagement right in the US might shock you. Here's the spending from 2014 and how you can spend less.

I don’t know about you but I always find it interesting to compare my spending to that of average Americans. I usually feel better knowing that I’m spending far less considering the lack of basic financial principles in the U.S. One statistic you might be surprised to learn is that the average spent on an engagement ring in 2014 was $5,855 according to The Knot.

5 Best Free Educational Resources for Elementary Aged Kids

My kids love to learn because of this we now have a go-to list of frugal and free educational resources for elementary aged kids. Here are our favorites.

One of my favorite things to keep my kids busy during the summer is learning activities. At ages six and seven both of my kids very much enjoy anything with an educational spin and are already missing school dearly. Because of this we now have a go-to list of frugal and free educational resources for elementary aged kids. Here are our favorites. is