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7 Ways Kids Can Make Money This Summer

Ready to teach your child about entrepreneurship, discipline, and money management? Here are seven ways for kids to make money this summer!Are you kids wanting to get out of the house and earn some cash this summer?

Giving your kids the chance to come up with their own business idea and execute can teach them a lot about work ethic, money management, discipline and entrepreneurship.

Here are ways for kids to make money this summer.

A Lemonade Stand

Having a lemonade stand is one of the oldest and best ways for kids to earn extra money. Especially younger kids.

When I visit yard sales and see little ones sitting at their booth selling lemonade there’s just no way that I can walk past without acknowledging their effort. (And buying some lemonade!)

Mowing Lawns

Doing yardwork is a great way for older kids to earn some decent money.

If your son or daughter enjoys to mow and you feel competent in their skills then why not let them offer their services to the neighborhood?

Washing Cars

Washing cars is something that older kids can do themselves and is a great way to stay cool on a hot summer day.

However, having a car wash in your driveway might not be ideal. The best spots for car washes are generally in business parking lots.

Collect and Sell Firewood

It’s officially camping season which means that campers are going to need firewood.

Collecting and selling bundles of firewood is a great idea for kids of almost all ages. After the firewood is collected bundle it up and then put a sign at the end of your driveway.

Look for Recyclables

When I was a kid my brothers loved looking for things they could recycle. This habit stuck with them because they still do!

Letting your kids earn money from recycling at a young age can stick with them forever.

Grow a Garden and Sell Produce

If your child has a green thumb why not let her grow her own garden? This can teach her how to properly care for plants and she can then sell the produce.

Feeding Animals

Feeding animals is a pretty diversified job and is perfect for the animals lovers.

If you have a family friend who owns a farm your child can ask for a job feeding animals daily. Another option would be to feed the pets of neighbors when they go out of town.


There are a ton of ways for kids to make money with summer. If your child is dying to get out there and try to earn her own money why not let her?

When kids take an interest in earning money at a young age they learn entrepreneurship skills, discipline, and money management.

My 3 Best Investments in Retrospect

5af814e516324d1393bafb1f0d719a10I haven’t been investing for a really long time. I think that’s one of the reasons why I like to talk to other beginning investors. Simply because I’m a little further down the road, I’m able to speak to some of the realities that a more experienced investor might forget about. It’s hard to remember your roots when you’ve become successful. That’s why I like writing about this subject. Learning how to invest well was a challenge. But it’s a challenge I think more people should take on. About half of the adults in America never invest at all. It makes sense on a certain level. When you have lived through the last Recession, it makes sense that the stock market might look a little bit like a ticking time bomb. But that’s the way it’s always been. The United States has gone through many major recession events, not just the ones within a single human lifetime. Every time, the market recovers and grows bigger that it was before. There are good reasons to believe that future events might put a glass ceiling on the US economy, but there’s also no crystal ball with which we can tell the future. If the future looks uncertain, this may be the time to invest. At least that’s what I found when I became an investor, right after the world economy was just starting to recover. Here are my early investments that paid off the best for me.


  • Mutual Funds. When the economy hit one of its lowest ebbs in the past five years, that’s when I bought most of my mutual funds. Even though I’ve made monthly contributions, my biggest contribution was my first. In general, this reveals an important principle of good investment. When other people are doubtful and fearful, this is the time to invest. Prices will be at their lowest, but they will almost surely recover. Because you don’t get swept away with the fear, you’ll do better when your purchases increase in value a lot more than people who buy during the good times.
  • My House. My approach to buying my first house was similar to my approach to mutual funds. I bought a major fixer upper in a neighborhood that had seen better days. However, I knew that there was going to be a major investment going into the neighborhood in the coming years. So I bought my junker just two blocks away from the proposed development. Today, the house is already gaining value, and I expect it to more than double by the time I think about selling in a couple of years.
  • Daily Forex Trading. Forex isn’t a game, but I use it like a game. Rather than wasting my time playing Candy Crush, I’ve gotten really good at Forex, where you trade on the value changes in currency pairs. You can make a ton of money really quickly with Forex. Of course, you can lose a lot too, so I would only recommend doing this if you are able to use a free trial session for a couple weeks before risking your real money. You won’t win anything, but you also won’t lose anything either. Using this method, I’ve gained quite a bit of extra income this way.

How to Stay Motivated to Reach Your Financial Goals

reach your financial goalsSince I work from home I am always asked by other hopefuls how to get started. When I explain that I put 80 hours a week working two days jobs and building an online business on the side and also had around 100 rejection letters before getting my first freelance job, I feel like that part is just glazed over. People expect me to give them some magic secret to work from home success.

The truth is when I got started my back was against a wall. I was a new single mother to two small kids and had to work two low paying day jobs to pay the bills. I worked as hard as I could to get ahead and saved as much money as my budget allowed. Unless I wanted to work two day jobs for the rest of my life or look to my Dad for financial support, I didn’t have another choice. I worked hard. Really hard for a long time. There was no instant success and I had to step far out of my comfort zone.

But what if my back hadn’t been against a wall. Would I be here right now typing this? I don’t think I would.

I think this is proof that there needs to be a big motivator in order to reach your financial goals. So if your back isn’t against the wall how do you stay motivated?

The Your Money or Your Life Method

One of my favorite personal finance books is your money or your life. In a gist, this book challenges you to look at every dollar you spend as part of your life you’re spending.

For instance, if you’re earning $20 an hour is giving up three hours of your life for a $60 dollar sweater worth it? When you start looking at your purchases as trading in your time rather than your money do those purchases make any sense?

Using this method can be a complete eye opener. Be sure to ask yourself what you’re going to gain each time you make a sacrifice!

Amplifying Your Financial Goals

Another method to stay motivated to work toward your goals is the using the 10X method, made popular by Grant Cardone.

With the 10x method you take whatever goal you’re working on and multiply it by ten. If you want to earn $100,000 per year you need to set the goal at one million per year. You then make the plan to earn one million dollars rather than the $100,00.

In all likelihood you’re going to miss that million dollar mark but you’ll likely land about the $100,000 mark too. This method goes off the old saying “if you shoot for the moon you’ll land upon the stars.”


Sometimes it can be hard to stay motivated to reach your financial goals. Especially if you’re not acting out of desperation.

Start experimenting with different methods until you find the one that suits you best!

Payday Loans Direct Lender Can Help You Out of Credit Card Debt

wealth building strategiesA lot of people start by using their credit cards when their income suddenly drops. Inevitably, however, this means that their credit card will max out, at which point they find themselves in even greater difficulty. While a loan may be available, most people who are in the situation also have bad credit, which means they cannot turn to the bank.

Payday Loans

No financial expert will ever recommend someone turns to a payday loan. However, financial experts often do not understand what it means to truly be without money and to not know where the next meal is going to come from. In reality, if you find yourself with a maxed out credit card and another week or so to go before the next payday, a payday loans direct lender may just be the only solution out there for you.

Having bad credit does not make you a bad person, even though many lenders would like you to think that you are. It is simply becoming impossible to tell a financial future and to budget appropriately. You may have maxed out your credit card because you knew that you would get a bonus at the end of the month, only for that bonus to suddenly be cancelled. Perhaps you have lost your job, or maybe you have had an unexpected bill or a medical emergency. Whatever the reason is, you are now in a situation where you need help, and a payday loan could just provide that lifeline.

How Do Payday Loans Work?

Payday loans are short term, high interest loans designed to help somebody overcome an immediate financial emergency. The loan is secured against your next paycheck, which means payment is guaranteed to the lender. As a result, lenders will not run a credit check on you. Another great benefit of these loans is that they are designed to be put in your account very quickly. Most payday lenders will ensure the money is in your account the very same day.

Am I Eligible?

There are very few eligibility criteria to apply for a payday loan. Generally, they are limited to:

  • Being at least 18 years old.
  • Being in employment this month.
  • Having a bank account with direct deposit facilities.
  • Being a permanent and legal resident of this country.

The amount of money that will be borrowed to you will depend on your monthly income, as well as on how familiar the lender is with you. The first time you apply, you will usually be able to borrow around 33% of your monthly income, which will rise if you have shown yourself to pay back your loan on time.

Why the Bad Press?

The main reason why people do not like payday loans is because of their incredibly high interest rates. However, as you only have the loan for one month, most people find this manageable.

3 Top Tips to Skimp on Your Finances

207f98d2fe044938839ed5d593ba5533You could be Richard Branson or a tramp in a bin. No matter – if you don’t tighten your purse strings like Scrooge McDuck every once in a while, you’ll end up in a spiral of debt that will only grow larger as time goes by.

Indeed, screeds of people fall into bankruptcy every week. And all they needed was a strict budget to stop themselves falling off the edge.

It’s undeniably difficult to stay thrifty when you’re living on the breadline. But it can and should be done.

So what can you do to skim a little bit of cash from the top of your outgoings?

Know when to mail

All you want to do is send a package to your nearest and dearest overseas – but the price of a delivery costs more ducats than a Spanish armada. And without a decent delivery option, that package will sit at the back of your wardrobe, gathering dust in a fit of pointlessness.

That doesn’t mean, however, that an international courier can’t be inexpensive.

Now that Royal Mail has been privatised, a number of smaller services have shaped up in a bid to knock the champ from the throne.

These smaller companies can offer great variety, lower prices and a vast array of delivery options.

So shop around and you might just be able to afford that parcel delivery.

Cut up those credit cards

Find a tabloid newspaper and leaf through it. Chances are you’ll find some story in which a family are plagued by debt – all because they couldn’t maintain their credit card payments.

These little pieces of plastic are tempting. But like any number of temptations, they’ll lead your finances astray. Except under dire circumstances, they should be avoided at all costs.

If you’re already struggling to pay off a credit card, take out a loan and repay it in one fell swoop. The interest rate on a loan is lower, saving you a little bit of cash every month.

Swearing off credit cards can be difficult – but it’ll ultimately help your funds.

An end-of-night shop

The Reduced to Clear section of a supermarket is like the Wall Street of your daily shop. Through the days, stocks will rise and fall, and prices will fluctuate wildly.

But unlike Wall Street, Reduced to Clear aisles have reliability built in. Foodstuffs will be at their lowest price at the end of the night, just when your local supermarket is about to close.

Just be sure you jump into the budget fray before everyone else. These aisles can get pretty competitive when a chocolate gateau is at half price.