Tipping Etiquette 101: Do You Tip At Sonic?

Do You Tip At Sonic

A shift in our culture has occurred. It happened when the flow of currency went paperless. Most companies adjusted accordingly. One occupation slipped through the cracks, however. To this day, it’s hard to get a unified answer from managers, employees, and customers on what is the right thing to do. One such question we’ll explore today is: Do you tip at Sonic? I’m not here

The most efficient way to invest GBP 20,000

If you have GBP 20,000 that you are looking to invest, with a view to your investment gathering interest, you have several options. But before you decide to explore your investment options, you first need to consider any outstanding debts you may have – like a hire purchase agreements, bank loans, or mortgages. If you have any of these, the best financial advice is to

7 Hobbies That Won’t Break the Bank


Today we have a guest post for you from Anum Yoon. Having hobbies can be expensive. Traveling, extreme sports and creative hobbies can all add up quickly. Even reading can become an expensive hobby if you’re purchasing new books all the time. It can seem like being low on cash leaves you with very little to do. But you don’t need to break your bank

DeAnne Stidham Net Worth – LuLaRoe Founder Bio

LeAnne Stidham net worth

If you’ve ever had a friend try to sell you a pair of zany, buttery-soft leggings, it’s likely she works as a consultant for LuLaRoe, a fast-growing, multilevel marketing business. If you’ve ever wanted a better look behind the scenes, today we’re going to focus on the biography of LuLaRoe’s founder. Welcome to the DeAnne Stidham Net Worth and Biography overview. DeAnne Stidham Net Worth

How To Get Back On Top Of Your Money

Whether you have been raised to count all your pennies or have been brought up to spend everything that you earn straight away, we can all admit that sometimes our financial situation is not the best that it can be. It can be all too easy to take for granted having a stable income and the freedom to buy the things we need, which is

How to Save $100 a Day

How to Save $100 a Day

So you’ve committed to saving money as aggressively as you can. Perhaps you have a short-term goal you’re chasing. Whatever the reason, if you’re going to figure out how to save $100 a day, you’re going to need a game plan. Is a goal like this even attainable? It’s a fair question. You can’t go pluck a ripe $100 bill from a money tree every morning while your

Does Ethereum Have a Chance of Usurping Bitcoin?


“Bitcoin Keychains with Ethereum Collecti” (CC BY 2.0) by btckeychain In the few short years since its inception in 2007, Bitcoin has transformed from a novel idea for internet users to make transactions, to a feasible form of online currency that could overtake traditional methods of payment. In 2016 the e-currency reached unprecedented heights when world events such as Brexit and the US presidential election led investors to

Pros and Cons of Container Gardening: Does It Actually Save Money?

pros and cons of container gardening

Gardening is growing in popularity. Not to mention growing your own veggies is nutritious for the whole family. But does it actually save you money? I recently started a container garden in my own backyard which launched me into a study of its drawbacks and benefits. So, let’s take a look at those pros and cons of container gardening today. What IS container gardening? When

Spoiling Yourself Without Breaking the Bank


We’ve all been there before. You feel like you deserve a little treat for getting through some difficult times, but your finances simply won’t allow for a big splurge like a professional massage or a total makeover. What do you do in situations like this? You could skip on the pampering, or you could find more frugal ways to treat yourself. Fortunately for you, the

6 Instant Ways to Read Free Digital Books

Read Free Digital Books

Is the Internet the death of the book? Reading has evolved more drastically in the past 20 years than any preceding century in mankind’s development. The myriad of ways we shop for, publish, and read books today are indicators of that change. However, if you thought the Internet was the Doomsday of literature, let me first wave a white flag and show you some great