I’m Cured, I’m Cured!

Well, as many of you might know, I’ve been spending an embarrassing amount of time mulling over the purchase of a new car. Not because we REALLY need one, but rather because I got a wild hair in the very southern region of my back. I had been secretly searching through all the online used car aggregators (Traderonline, Dealernet, cars.com etc) looking to see what

Don’t Let your Cash Cow Die!

The more time I spend browsing through all of the great personal finance blogs out here, the more I think about how it’s just too bad that so many people in the U.S. (and elsewhere for that matter), are so stressed out about their finances and could really benefit from reading these blogs. It’s too bad that they don’t take any interest in personal finance.

Holiday Spirit

I’ve got the holiday spirit. Mostly because my daughter is getting in to Christmas for the first time. She is so excited that Santa is going to come to her house. I’m off work now until after the first of the year and am just spending time at home with my wife and daughter. I definitely feel very fortunate. The one drawback to the Christmas

Look out! Coming Through!

Ahh the true meaning of Christmas. I couldn’t help but think about all the debt that is being piled up in the spirit of Christmas when I saw this photo.

Payday Loans

I read an arcticle in a small local paper here titled, “Cashing an Empty Paycheck”. The article talked all about payday loans in Washington state. They highlighted a person named Sonia who would write a post dated check for $795 to receive $700 in cash. It turns out that this is the maximum amount of money that someone can get from a payday loan company.

The Decision

Okay. What the heck was I thinking? If I’d really wanted this truck, I should have posted the question to a “Get Some More Debt” blog. But no. Einstein here posted the question to a community of personal finance folks. The outcome, via comments, shouldn’t surprise me. Thanks to everyone who posted. I guess I knew the right answer but was hoping that, if I

I Think I’m Going to Need Some Help

Well, I’m back out on the ledge again. I’m just agonizing on whether to buy a new truck or not. Yeah, I know, I’ve talked myself out of it twice before. But the urge just keeps on coming back. Here’s the situation: I have a 1997 Toyota Tacoma that has 95,000 miles on it (or so). I’ve owned it for 7 years. (which is much

Personal Finance Mentoring

What a day! It all started when I had to wake up at 4:45 this morning. I had to be in the office at 6:00 am and then be in our VP’s office at 6:30 to give a presentation. Needless to say, I was a bit tired. Later in the day, I had a conversation with a young guy (20) who asked me a question

Paying to Have Someone Put up Your Christmas Lights

From the, “Thought I’d heard it all” department: http://seattletimes.nwsource.com I guess it’s not too hard to see why people are having trouble finding money to invest when they are paying someone thousands of dollars to put up and take down their Christmas decorations. Isn’t half the point of having Christmas decorations, going through the ritual of actually putting them up?