Is JK Rowling Still a Billionaire?

Is J.K. Rowling still a billionaire? Find out how her generosity trumped her status here.

One of the most famous “rags to riches” stories in our time is Joanne “J.K.” Rowling. The author of the world famous Harry Potter series wowed the world again in 2012 by purposely directing her riches in the opposite direction. Now the curious world is asking the question: “Is JK Rowling still a billionaire?” Lots of famously wealthy people give to charity, but Rowling gave

4 Traits for Success Among Wealthy Women from All Walks of Life

If you enjoy learning traits for success, here are some from four wonderfully successful women.

Everybody loves an underdog. We love a rags to riches story of a woman beating the odds and carving out a well-earned life of wealth. But, what about the woman who woke up one day with a billion dollar share in her family’s company? What traits for success do wealthy women from all walks of life have to offer us? Does their advice even apply

What Bluebirds and First-Generation Millionaires Have In Common

It's weird, but true. Here is something bluebirds have in common with first-generation millionaires.

The other day, I was reading a book about backyard birds in North America to my 3-year-old. I’ll admit; it wouldn’t have been my first choice, but sometimes my kids are more mature than me. That’s when it dawned on me. These common birds are doing their best to build nest eggs just like us. In fact, one of them exhibits habits that remind me

What Is Wrong with Gary Busey?…Nothing, Really.

What is wrong with Gary Busey, you ask? Bankruptcy is never simple. This article unpacks the cause and effect of his decisions and what we can learn from them.

You may have asked yourself, “What is wrong with Gary Busey?” Perhaps you heard about his near-fatal motorcycle accident or his drug overdose or that he declared bankruptcy in 2012. On the surface, you may see a man with deep, physical and mental struggles. What you’re really seeing is a man who fought to overcome some of the most difficult chapters of his life, rose

4 Ways to Quickly and Efficiently Increase Your Net Worth


Today we have a guest post from Michael Rogers about how you can increase your net worth in short order. Your net worth is an indicator of a number of different things, but ultimately it is a key calculation of your overall financial success. Many individuals make this calculation and realize that their net worth is in need of a little adjustment on the positive

Top Four Wealth Building Traits

If you want to reach financial freedom at a faster pace you need to develop these four wealth building traits.

Why are some people able to build real wealth and achieve financial freedom at a much faster pace than the rest of the world? The truth is there’s no magic secret. Instead it comes down to a few key habits and traits. If you’re willing to adopt these four wealth building traits you, too, can set yourself up for a life of financial freedom. Sacrifice

Do You Have a Millionaire Mind? (Find Out!)

millionaire mind

Do you have a millionaire mind? Will you ever make it to the one million dollar mark? You might. In fact the characteristics of millionaires probably aren’t what you think. Today’s self-made millionaires are not flashy, don’t advertise their wealth, and aren’t workaholics. At least that’s the consensus of Thomas J. Stanley’s studies in the book The Millionaire Mind. According to the data Stanley collected,

Different Ways to Track Your Personal Finances

ways to track your finances

When it comes to tracking your money the saying “different strokes for different folks” is certainly true. Personally, I’m not very good at tracking my expenses to the penny. I did it once, actually. Usually I set a “guided budget” and even though my numbers may not fit perfectly within my original estimates, I still normally spend around the same amount of money each month.

Pay Off Your House By Age 55

One of the financial goals we’ve made is to have our house paid off before age 55, or at least have the capability to pay it off if we want to.  I know that as I get older, I’ll struggle to find a job if I lose the one I have now.  I anticipate that sooner or later I will lose my job, so much

I Attended my First Financial Event

Last week I was invited to attend a financial event at the local baseball stadium.  A friend of mine has been a client of a major investment/insurance company for years and was encouraged to bring a couple friends to this small event.  (There were about 70 people total)  I’m normally not very interested to attend speaking engagements like this but because it was at the