5 Ways to Chop Debt by the Hundreds This Month

Here are five ways to chop debt by $500 this month.Are you paying monthly payments that make your eyes cross and you just wish you could chop debt faster? If you’re interested in making a good chunk of change this month, then here is a brief list of ways to make that happen.

First, let’s cover some ways I wouldn’t recommend you find cash fast.

  • Don’t make a cash advance on your credit card. Not everyone realizes the cruelty of the cash advance. For the convenience, you’ll be launching your interest rate into the stratosphere. Instead, it’s best to have some money set aside in a savings account that you can access quickly.
  • Play the lottery. Everyone knows the odds aren’t stacked in your favor when you play the lottery. Turns out, you’re more likely to give birth to identical quadruplets, become president, or die in an asteroid apocalypse than win the jackpot. Great movie plot? Yes. Great financial strategy? Not as much.
  • Rob a bank. ::Insert sarcasm font:: That’s generally frowned on in all 50 states and six out of the seven continents. (I wouldn’t put it past the penguins to do something rash after being stuck on Antarctica for so long).

Now that we’ve got that covered, let’s take a look at some constructive ways to pay off more debt this month without getting a second job or ruining your life.

5 Ways to Chop Debt to the Tune of $500 This Month

1. Have a garage sale with a maximized selling potential.

When I came upon a post called “How to Host a Successful Garage Sale,” I used 3 new techniques in my next garage sale:

  • I added a few boxes marked “FREE” to the front yard.
  • Multiple families combined efforts, making our sale much larger.
  • I sorted clothing by size with a flat price for everything.

As a result, many shoppers walked straight up to the free boxes, drawn in. Consequently, several of them became paying customers.

For more tips to optimize your garage sale, view the rest here.

2. Sell items on Facebook.

Facebook offers several ways to sell your items. Garage sale groups and buy/sell/trade groups that are specific to your location are the most popular. You can also sell your items on your own profile to your friends.

Because the world is a visual and fast-paced market, quality photos, clear instructions, and items that are priced to sell bring the most response.

In addition, remember to advertise your garage sale in those groups!

3. Get paid to write your story.

Even if you don’t have a writing or journalism degree, you can get paid to tell your story. Due to the surge in social sharing and relevant content, many places aren’t just looking for reporting, recipes, or how-to’s. They love hearing a real story by real readers.

So, here is a brief list of websites that pay contributors for articles.

4. Sell your plasma.

If you’re looking for a good cause that can earn you between $100 to $250 a month, sell your plasma.

Do a search for your local collection center, and be sure to read the fine print. While you’re reading, you may discover that you don’t qualify to donate plasma.

Also, ask around for tips from friends who’ve given their plasma before. You’ll learn about the best times of the day to go, as well as ways to avoid nausea afterward.

5. Babysit.

Do you have a living space conducive enough for little ones? Lots of parents need quality sitters who are trustworthy and know what they’re doing. Therefore, you’re a value, and they’re willing to pay.

Rates vary by location, so ask around for going rates in your area.

What are some ways you’ve earned extra money to chop debt? Leave a comment below.