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Money in Your Twenties – 5 Things You Should Know

Money in Your Twenties - Five Things You Should Know

My twenties are quickly coming to a wrap. (Seriously, where did the time go?!) And while I was lucky to fall in love with personal finance at a young age that doesn’t mean that I haven’t made my fair share of personal finance mistakes.

Here are the five things you should know about money in [...]

Joining Finances: 4 Tips for a Smooth Transition

joining finances

Having been single for the past couple of years I’ve had full control over my financial situation. And I’m not going to lie – I like it.

But as my relationship with my boyfriend continues to grow the thought of joining finances keeps crossing my mind. While I like that I have control now, I [...]

Is Materialism Ruining Your Personal Finances?

Over the past couple of weeks I’ve been more observant than usual when money comes up in conversation.

I’ve talked to some of my younger friends and family members who brag about getting a new car, only to complain three seconds later about their car payment and insurance. They also pridefully state which of their [...]

5 Smart Ways to Keep a Renovation Budget Down

renovation budget

After waiting on a contractor for months my boyfriend is finally renovating his bathroom.

He lives in a nice, older suburb right outside of town. While his 1950’s brick ranch is in good condition for the most part, the bathroom was not. Aside from the ugly blue tile, toilet, bathtub, and sink there was really [...]

Bad Credit? Here’s How to Buy a Car.

It’s no secret: banks are tightening up their purse strings. If you have bad credit you can kiss your chance of bank financing goodbye.

Except for in the off chance you want to pay 30 percent interest. Then you just might have a fighting chance.

Instead of checking around with banks and either a) getting [...]