Managing Money as a Single Vs a Couple: Which is Better?

Managing money as a single vs a couple comes with a whole different set of pros and cons. Here's which one I found to be easier.

I have a confession. I found managing money to be much easier when I single. Even though I was working with a smaller amount I had full control of over where my money went. Being a saver and a bit of a perfectionist, this worked well in my favor. Now that I’m managing my money with another person there’s a different set of pros and

The Best Ways to Teach Kids About Money

Looking to teach your little one some financial lessons? Here are three of the best ways to teach kids about money.

I think, depending on the child, at around age 4-5 kids start to understand that money doesn’t grow on trees and has to be earned. That makes this age a fantastic time to start teaching your children simple money lessons. Here are the best ways to teach your kids about money. Teaching Through Example I honestly feel that there is NOTHING more important than leading

The Art of Intentional Lifestyle Inflation

Do you have a plan for your money? For me, I realized at some point I had to stop saving and start enjoying. Intentional lifestyle inflation was what i did.

Over the past several years I’ve made a ton of short term sacrifices so I that I could create the life I wanted to be living. I was recently thinking about how the line items in my budget are way different now than what they are three years ago. And I realized – my sacrifices are starting to pay off! I am all for practicing

The Four Most Basic Things You Should Know About Money

Are you new to personal finance? Here are the four most basic things you should know about money. Learn these and you'll be set.

I firmly believe that post people know that “how’s” or personal finance and just don’t have a strong enough “why.” However, with so much information available people can also get bogged down in the “how’s” looking to take too many paths. If you’re someone who is just starting from scratch these are the most basic things you should know about money. Once you learn these

What Are Slot Machine Payback Percentages?


If you have ever seen an advertisement that says that a specific casino has very loose slots, you may have wondered what this meant. You also may have heard about payback percentages in an advertisement like this. Perhaps you read that a slot machine or set of slot machines had a 97 percent or 96 percent payback percentage. Furthermore, some signs inside casinos say that

3 Types of Family Budgets to Consider

There are many types of family budgets you may consider using. Here are three of my favorite and we each is a great choice!

There are plenty of different ways to budget and the method that your family chooses shouldn’t be set in stone. Getting on a budget is one of the single most important things you can do to make sure your family is reaching financial goals. If you have no idea how to get started here are three types of family budgets to consider. The Zero Based

How Much to Pay Your Kids for Chores

Wondering how much to pay your kids for chores? Here's what I do and some examples from other parents as well!

As a mother and an entrepreneur I have a hard time finding that perfect balance between having chores my kids must do and paying them for chores. While I want them to be proud that they earned their own money for working hard I also don’t want them to expect that I pay them for every little thing that they do. Instead I’ve got to

One Thing You Should Expect When Buying a House

Wondering what to expect when buying a house? In my experience this one thing pretty much sums up everything about the home buying process!

I wrote a little bit about our home buying process a while ago and unfortunately, that process is still happening. I knew buying a house was going to be stressful but I imagined that the majority of the stress was going to be from the drawn out inspection process that we had and also, negotiating. Nope, turns out I was wrong. The stress continues from

How to Improve a Bad Credit Score

Bummed out about your credit score? Don't be. Credit scores aren't permanent and you have the ability to change yours! Here's how to improve a bad credit score.

There’s a lot of talk, especially with the debt free movements (which are great, btw), about credit scores. Some people will tell you that credit scores are only important if you plan on taking out debt. Other people, like me, know that they are used for so much more. In fact, beyond getting a good interest rate on a loan your credit score is used

7 Ways to Improve Your Finances Today

Quick wins give you the motivation you need to really make a difference in your financial life. Get started with these ways to improve your finances today.

Sometimes it’s the quick wins that can motivate you when you feel like you’re not doing very well with your money. In your head you might think you’ll never get ahead or that the small things you do don’t matter. Those thoughts, however, couldn’t be farther from the truth. Like Mr. Money Mustache says, “Millionaires are made ten bucks at a time.” Kill those self-defeating