What to Do with Extra Money

If you’ve found yourself in a situation with some extra money here are some ideas for using it beneficially.

It’s about that time that – if you are getting a tax refund it’s probably now sitting in your bank account or will be arriving any day down. While it’s commonly advised that you should lower you tax deductions so that you don’t receive a tax refund, I don’t feel this is always good advice. In fact, I’ve received a tax refund most years of

5 Ways to Decrease Impulse Purchases

Do you have a spending problem? Try one of these five way to decrease impulse purchases and increase your savings.

I was looking over my spending from the past month when I realized that I had slipped up a bit. Even though I had told myself that I was going to be fairly strict with my spending so that I could reach my more important goals, I got lazy. And for me that’s where the problems start. I know that if I set up a

Living Paycheck to Paycheck? Do THIS with Your Income Tax Refund

If you're living paycheck to paycheck and are looking for a quick way to improve your personal finances do this with your income tax refund......

I’ve always been the tax person for friends and family members who don’t want to wait to get an appointment with an actual tax professional. Oddly enough I enjoy filing simple tax returns and helping out where I can. And because I do a handful of tax returns for others every year I get to see a range of different income tax refunds. Some are

A Different Way to Look at Debt

Stop looking at debt as good or bad and start looking at it in this light...

There’s often conversations about debt being good or bad. But really, debt is just debt. It has no emotions and you’re the person who’s in control of it. I read a comment recently that rephrased this good vs. evil debt mentality in the most perfect way: debt is not good or bad – it is profitable or unprofitable. Student Loan Debt I’ve personally never had

Practical Steps to Breaking a Bad Habit

Is breaking a bad habit on your goal list this year? If so, check out these practical steps to success.

I recently witnessed a close friend break a bad habit he’s had for over fifteen years. He stopped smoking cigarettes. He had tried and tried before but he never could quit. He told himself he wanted to. He used every new “miracle” product that came out. But, he’d never make it for more than two days. Breaking bad habits that you’ve held for such a

Can’t Keep up with Your Bills?

Americans’ are focused on staying current on bills and paying debt down. If you can’t keep up with your bills here are some things to try.

A recent Bankrate survey shows that Americans’ are less focused on saving and more focused on staying current on bills and paying debt down. If you can’t keep up with your bills here are some things to try. Living within Your Means Often Means Making Tough Choices While there’s certainly a majority of people who’ve whittled away their expenses and made tough decisions, this is

The Simplest Ways to Pay Off Debt

The concepts of paying off debt are simple but NOT easy. If you need some ideas here are simple ways to pay off debt (these do require hard work.)

Living a debt free life is a message that seems to be spreading and really resonating with America. The problem though, is that with an already tight budget it can be hard to throw extra money toward debt freedom. If you want to start your journey toward a debt free life but are wondering where to get the extra money from, here are some of

More Than Money: Create Positive Improvements In Your Whole Life

If you want to be successful you need to create positive improvements in every area of your life. Here are five simple but effective ways to do just that.

I’ve noticed a recurring pattern over the last few years of my life. When I’m happy I do well in almost every area of my life – I’m a better parent, better companion, more passionate about working, and also much better with money. When I’m stressed or feeling depressed it all flies out the window. I think this is one big piece of the picture

Managing Money as a Single Vs a Couple: Which is Better?

Managing money as a single vs a couple comes with a whole different set of pros and cons. Here's which one I found to be easier.

I have a confession. I found managing money to be much easier when I single. Even though I was working with a smaller amount I had full control of over where my money went. Being a saver and a bit of a perfectionist, this worked well in my favor. Now that I’m managing my money with another person there’s a different set of pros and

The Best Ways to Teach Kids About Money

Looking to teach your little one some financial lessons? Here are three of the best ways to teach kids about money.

I think, depending on the child, at around age 4-5 kids start to understand that money doesn’t grow on trees and has to be earned. That makes this age a fantastic time to start teaching your children simple money lessons. Here are the best ways to teach your kids about money. Teaching Through Example I honestly feel that there is NOTHING more important than leading