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Is Technology Making You Poor?

Technology is constantly changing. As soon as you get used to the latest phone/tablet/device something newer and better comes out.

While technology can make your life a little bit easier, it could also be making you poor. Here’s why.

# 1 – Keeping Up with the Joneses (Social Media)

Social media can be the gateway [...]

How Much Does Raising a Child Actually Cost?


Mainstream media articles lead people to believe that having a child will cost hundreds of thousands of dollars – in my opinion, mostly for hype.

While it’s very possible that parents could spend this amount of money on a child it’s completely unnecessary.

I don’t make a lot of money. I have virtually [...]

How to Choose Liability Limits for Auto Insurance


Photo Credit: Bill Longshaw

Working as an insurance agent for one year taught me that people rarely understand their insurance policies.

And I’ll admit, I used to be one of those people who didn’t really understand insurance either. I completely undervalued the importance of insurance and especially, liability limits.

I’ve now seen first-hand [...]

OH MY GOD! It’s Almost Black Friday!

It’s that time of year again. Time for everyone to go bananas about getting good deals on stuff they don’t need, just in time for Christmas! I hate the overall focus on buying, buying, buying, this time of year. While we’ve picked up a few things that we NEEDED during previous Black Fridays, overall we [...]

Cell Phones Are the Sexy Way to Bleed Money

It’s that time of year. Technology companies announce their latest tech gadgets and phones and then crazy people line up in the streets and camp in tents to be the first to get them. It’s really kind of amazing to see what people will do for a cell phone. The Iphone 5S looks pretty much [...]