Visa Signature vs Visa Platinum: 5 Things You Need to Know

visa signature vs visa platinum

Shopping for a credit card can be an eye-opening experience. There are so many cards out there with so many perks and benefits. It is truly a tough decision when deciding what’s going to be in your wallet. In hopes of narrowing things down a little, we are going to compare two specific cards: Visa Signature vs Visa Platinum. There are five things you need

Blue Apron Review: The Pros and Cons of a Fresh Meal Delivery Service

Blue Apron Review

For me, Blue Apron was the defibrillator my pallet needed to experience new foods, flavors, and aromas. I have a busy life as a work-at-home wife and mother of two. Because of this I often get stuck in the same cycle of meals: Taco night, spaghetti night, stir fry night, pizza night, etc. My husband and I want to eat healthier and get away from

My Paribus Review: The Online Shopping App That Makes Money for You

Paribus review

People are projected to spend $523 billion shopping online by 2020. With that comes the ever-growing challenge of saving money. Some popular methods are things like online coupons and codes, but today, we’re going to cover how to earn money back through your online receipts via the free app Paribus. Below is my own Paribus review to walk you through the software, the pros and

Looking for a Walmart Savings Catcher Phone Number for Troubleshooting?

Walmart Savings Catcher Phone Number

Having trouble finding a Walmart Savings Catcher phone number for technical support? In the past, you may have tried jumping into the labyrinth of automated menus by calling 1-800-WALMART, but now you can reach Savings Catcher directly (and talk to a real person) by dialing 866-224-1663. The way I found this number, and how you can find additional customer service for your Walmart-related questions, was by

7 Costco Health Foods That Promote Affordable Wellness

Costco health foods

Is getting healthier on your list of things to do this year? Costco is a great resource, in that case. I never thought it was worth it to pay a grocery store for access, but that was until I started hearing all the buzz about Costco. I mainly heard about its great pricing, friendly customer service, and inexpensive fuel. But it wasn’t until I discovered

4 Phrases to Avoid That Ignite Money Fights In Marriage

Here are a few phrases that could potentially ignite money fights in marriage.

Money is the #1 cause of stress in a relationship, according to a survey released by SunTrust Bank. Divorces occur every day due to money fights in marriage. Since money will be a part of every relationship, throughout its entirety, let’s install a solid defense system against those damaging phrases that could ignite conflict. Instead of sharing what you could say to your significant other about

7 Simple Debt Payoff Strategies You Can Use Today to Smash Debt

I've tried each of these debt payoff strategies and they definitely smash debt!

Ever play Angry Birds? There is something so gratifying about watching those pudgy birds smash into a crumbling fortress, isn’t there? That got me thinking, it’s too bad debt payoff strategies can’t be as effective. Or can they? Not everyone can light some TNT under their tower of debt and incinerate it. Now that would be a popular app. It takes much more time, patience, and hard work

How to Spice Up Your Life While Living On a Tight Budget

If you're living on a tight budget, here are some ways to still have fun. I've tried them!

It’s easy to equate material goods with comfort, success, and even happiness. Commercials excel at that message. So much so, that living on a tight budget can often be viewed as a life-draining affliction, preventing you to live the life you truly want. Then, there are those moments when your 2-year-old loses all interest in his new birthday present and rolls around in the cardboard

5 Ways to Motivate Yourself On a Debt Free Journey

Here are several ways to motivate yourself on your debt free journey.

My debt free journey looked very similar to a mudslide until 2011. I was recently married and a graduate of Financial Peace University. The tools in that class helped my husband and I gain traction, change some habits, live on less, and pay off debt faster. In November of 2012, we conquered our final credit card payment and stared at one another in shock. “Did