My Experiences that have led me to where I am

Jonathon at Mymoneyblog had a really good post that described his background. He got a lot of comments from that post and it was pretty apparent that people found his background interesting. (I know I did) I thought I’d post my background to give people an idea of who is blogging here. I come from a blue collar family from Washington state. My family owned

Want to Know if you are Wealthy?

JLP over at Allthingfinancial has a great post that tells you how to calculate your net worth based on a formula from “The Millionaire Next Door”. When I read this book, I ran the calculation (years ago), but had since forgotten it. Low and behold, I saw JLP’s post and ran the numbers now. I’m officially wealthy! That really makes me feel like things are

Links for you to Love grocery game. Matches coupons with items already on sale, compares stores prices etc. Could be worth a look. Customer claims one hour a week saves her $144. kind of money type are you? People are investing more and more in their homes

Article discussing past housing bubbles and what we might expect

I liked this guy’s analysis of the housing bubble. Some key points he makes: The past century hasn’t seen a run-up in the cost of housing remotely comparable to the past six years. The FDIC has identified more than 50 markets where home prices were up by an inflation-adjusted 30 percent or more per year in that period, through 2004. In California, median existing home

Do You Really Need All that Insurance?

Here is a great article that talks about what kind of insurance you should be buying. Pet insurance? Travel insurance? Mortgage Insurance (the kind that pays your house off if you die)? It’s all in here. Here is a clip from the article: “Given the sheer number of choices these days in different types of insurance coverage, it would be easy to go overboard. The

Retail is for Suckers

In the spirit of this site and it’s name, I thought I’d look at ways I give my money away. Brand Loyalty:I hate giving away more money than I have to when I go to the store for something. I absolutely always check and review what’s on sale for each item I buy and compare the price per unit on the sales tag. Sometimes this

8 things to know about Credit Cards

PBS did a series awhile back about the credit card industry. I happened to catch most of it and was dumbfounded at how much I didn’t know about the industry. I really hadn’t paid a ton of attention because I’ve never carried a balance, never paid an annual fee and have only paid late (by a few days) once. Here are 8 things to know

Enron Board Members Vote Themselves a Raise are owners in society, (the Elite) and then there are the rest of us. We are mere flies to swat away when we bother the elite. How do you know if you are one of the elite? What are the signs? Well, to pick a couple examples from the above article: You don’t even work for the company but are on the board and

Monkey Think, Monkey Do

A couple years ago, I was sitting in my office paying my bills when a thought occurred to me. I confess, lots of thoughts come to me all the time, which is why I probably tend to ramble a bit. Most of these thoughts could have also come to a monkey at the zoo, but every now and then, one really stays with me. It

Bloggers Owning Homes

I’m hoping to start some dialogue on the subject of home ownership. It seems like there are a lot of PF bloggers that don’t own homes, or any real estate. Why is that? Do a lot of people think that real estate is risky? (Which I don’t disagree with, but I think it’s a relatively moderate risk when compared with all the other places that