8 Things to do Before You Turn 30

I found this article on Kiplinger and think it’s relevant, not just to people who haven’t turned 30 yet, but also for people who may be running a bit behind. Here are the 8 things it recommends you do: Identify your goalsStart an emergency fundPay off credit cardsStart investingEstablish creditSet up a strategy to pay off student loansTake calculated risksTravel Most of these (with the

Personal Finance Blogger?

I have been looking for ways to bring in new readers for my blog. I’m really enjoying writing the blog and love to see the traffic on the site rise. Here’s a tip:Go put in a few free ads (one in each city) in the general announcements area of http://www.craigslist.com. I’ve been seeing some decent traffic from craigslist and am hoping I may be bringing

More links up on “Myfinancelinks”

I’m trying to put up a daily list of personal finance links that I find or that are submitted on the “MyFinanceLinks” site. There are a new round of them today. Go check them out! If you have any articles you think would fit there, send them and I’ll get them up the next day. I’m hoping to build a fairly long index of personal

Tired of Searching for Personal Finance Links? Look here!!

I’m a big fan of http://www.fark.com. The beauty of the site is that lots of people submit interesting articles of all kinds to the site. I created another blog to allow all of us to submit interesting personal finance articles. Once a day, I’ll compile all the submissions and post them. As the blog gains popularity, more links will show up every day. So, head

Links for you to love – Including Online Savings Duking it Out

http://money.cnn.com/2005/08/09/news/economy/highyield_online_savings/index.htmGreat article that talks about the online savings accounts that many of the PF bloggers are using. Competition is definitely good for the consumer in this space. It only makes sense that if they don’t have the brick and mortar to support, that they can offer more competitive rates. http://money.cnn.com/2005/08/09/pf/expert/ask_expert/index.htmA great problem to have. His 401K is maxed out, and he’s looking for new places

Everybody Loves Your Money – Even the Cel Phone Companies

Here’s a place to look to see if you are giving more of your money away than you need to. How many cellular phone minutes do you have left over each month? More than 10%? You may be throwing money away. (in fact, the cellular companies count on it). No one likes to go over the minutes on their rate plan. If you do, it

What Would Happen if Everyone Saved 10% of their Income?

I posted a reader query awhile back asking people what they thought would happen if everyone in the nation started saving 10% of their income. I wanted to repost my question and then post some of the comments I’ve received and also link to an article in the WSJ (thanks Khyron) that talks a bit about how it might impact the economy. Here is the

Investing is Hard to do!

Investing in stocks is not my cup of tea. The trades that I have made, really haven’t gone all that good. I rode a couple dogs all the way down to the 0.00 price as they went under. Not sure why. I guess I just didn’t know what the heck I was doing. I did buy a little Microsoft. Of course, I bought it after

Saving Spree – What a Great Idea

I saw a post on another blog that talked about being on a saving spree. I thought this was a great idea because it really keeps the concept of saving fresh in your mind. I got excited about doing this and then approached my wife. “Hey honey. I picked up a great idea from a blog. Instead of going on a spending spree, let’s go

Picture This! A Convention

Hackers have oneGeeks have oneGamers have one No, I’m not talking about pocket protectors! I’m talking about conventions! Imagine what a convention might look like for a bunch of responsible personal finance bloggers like us. Planning:We’d all have to plan way in advance and map out how much we would allocate for the trip and how much time we’d need to save the money. Logistically,