It’s a big LINK day today that highlights the fact that consumers are spending every dime they make. It also cites how some people are seeing lots of equity gains on their homes. Unfortunately, I bet a lot of these people are spending all of their income AND spending the equity in their homes news. You just might get a raise this year. Article talks about how “raise” freezes

Postcard in the Mail Today

Great news!I got a postcard in the mail today that said this: “Be Smart”“Use the equity in your home!”“US Bank offers loans and lines up to 125% of the value of your home”(I just picked my favorite lines from the postcard.) The postcard is from US Bank. I don’t do business with US Bank but I did years and years ago. US Bank is where

Free things on the web that are COOL

I have to admit. Personal finance is not the only thing that interests me. Luckily I work in computing and absolutely love technology. I’ve mentioned before that I could easily spend everything I’ve got on electronics and computers. Our house has a high “PC to person” ratio, mostly because I’ve got a few older machines besides our current ones. I justify the money that I

NetworthIQ Coming Along Nicely

Those guys over at NetworthIQ (assuming they are “guys”) are making good progress. Not only can you input your net worth and make it public or private, but you can also now compare your networth with others that have made their profiles public. You can sort by:AgeIncomeEducationOccupation You can also view the most popular, and highest net worth individuals. Good stuff. The more we can

New Millionaire in the Making CNN Money has a new Millionaire in the making profile. These folks are doing VERY well. Might have something to do with their very nice income level, but it’s obviously also due to their aggressive savings rates. I know most people that make their income level, also spend at that level. Congratulations to them for figuring this out early! Check it out

Articles and Resources for Teaching Kids about Money

I wanted to follow up my post from the carnival of personal finance with more articles and some resources for teaching kids about money. Below you’ll find a few articles about how the tide seems to be slowly turning towards getting our kids prepared for their financial lives. The last link has lots of resources to take it the next step. Ideas to make your

Links for you to Love

*Updated* — New link added: can I say. Everybody loves your money. More profit for them, means more of your money in their pocket. Credit card spending is up, and AMEX has an increased number of customers. Glad it isn’t me. first of the official baby boomers just became eligible to retire. Let all the worry about the economy begin now. My guess is

Blogging on a Saturday Night

Normally, I’d say it’s a cheap night if I’m home putting up some ramblings on my blog, although, the catch tonight is that my wife is out with a couple girlfriends from college. Probably won’t be too expensive though. She doesn’t drink much and is always watching her spending, so I can’t complain. Time to Ebay a few things. I just got a heck of

Links for you to Love article addresses the reality of many, many people in our society. What do you do if you are nearing retirement and you haven’t started saving for retirement yet? This is a perfect example of the value of educating young people in high school about compound interest and what a drastic difference you can make in your retirement by saving early. few other bloggers

Reader Query – What do you think?

I have read so many different personal finance blogs, and left quite a few comments because I find it really interesting to have dialogue with others that share my interest in personal finance. In an attempt to create more dialogue, I thought I’d post questions once in awhile for everyone to answer by leaving comments. I’m hoping to find that the most interesting items to