Talk About a Good Reason for an Emergeny Fund!

Well, we’ve pretty much been glued to the TV watching for any sign of what our parent’s house looks like outside the french quarter. So far we haven’t seen their street but we are hoping that it’s not completely under water. If it isn’t under water, and wasn’t damaged too bad from the hurricane itself, there is always the real possibility that it’s been completely

Sorry for the lack of Posting

I’ve been glued to the TV and working besides. My inlaws live in New Orleans and were evacuated. They are assuming their house has been destroyed. They are up in Arkansas staying in their camper van. Not exactly the most comfortable situation, but it could be worse. The local government is saying that they may not be able to come back for weeks to months.

We are on “Borrowed” Time

I read a fairly long article in the paper this morning that talks about how much debt we as a nation have. If every man, woman, and child paid their share of the debt, we’d each have to shell out $145000.00. WOW. Our government is overspending to the tune of over $300 billion and borrowing from people all around the world. It cited the fact

Lowered my Broadband Cost Today

I called my broadband company today. 6 months ago, I had called to threaten to cancel if they didn’t give me a discount. They dropped the price for 6 months for me. Well, that 6 months is over so I called them back again. Here’s how the conversation went: Me: Hi. I’d like to change my broadband service to your 2 megabit speed instead of

It’s a Good Thing I’m not Doing this for the Money

I started writing this blog because I wanted to create dialogue around personal finances. I’ve always loved personal finance and am really amazed at how little most people care about their finances. So, here I was blogging away and then I noticed that Google had a thing called Adsense. I thought, WOW. I could actually earn money while I blog? It almost seemed too good

Went and Saw a Movie Last Night

For the first time in at least a year and a half, my wife and I went to see a movie last night. We didn’t even know what we were going to see until we got to the theater. It was mostly just a break from watching our daughter since my wife’s parents are in town. They told us to go out and do something,

What’s the Business Case for Choosing a College?

I once dated a girl that chose to go to a private college that cost over 3 times what it cost to go to a public institution. My understanding is that she ended up getting a social services degree from this college. Was this the best financial decision? Not from my point of view. She spent over, by my estimation, $80000 to get a degree

Living on Social Security

I had to blog about this article. I have a lot of feelings when it comes to living on social security because it’s what my parents are going to be doing. It can be done but it certainly isn’t ideal. If you have any debt, you probably can’t pull it off. Also, depending on how early you opt to start taking social security, you may

They are Conspiring Against Us

Never before in the history of mankind has such sophistication and effort gone in to taking your money. Companies are spending billions of dollars figuring out exactly how you think, how you act, and how to dial in your preferences so that you will buy their products. The end result is that many people spend large amounts of their time trying to figure out how

Bet you $5 I can tell you where you got your shoes

My wife and I spent a week down in New Orleans awhile back. I had heard that crime was a bit more prevalent down there than it is in the Northwest so I was on edge a bit. We had a rule that we didn’t stay out after dark because we were doing all of our walking in the French quarter, or close to it.