How to Pay for Plastic Surgery with Bad Credit

pay for plastic surgery with bad credit

You may be considering cosmetic surgery soon or in the future. If you’ve experienced credit problems in the past, you may also be wondering how you’ll cover such an expense. With the following options, you will be able to make an informed decision about how best to pay for plastic surgery with bad credit. Even if you’re turned down for a traditional loan once a

What Is Cassey Ho’s Net Worth?

Cassey Ho's net worth

Cassey Ho’s net worth now ranks her among the world’s “dot com” millionaires – a milestone she reached before her 30th birthday. Her revolutionary POP Pilates – a combination of her own design that blends pop music with Pilates – and her wildly popular fitness YouTube channel, Blogilates, launched her into internet start-up stardom. Since its inception, Blogilates now has 3.4 million subscribers with hundreds

5 Savings Accounts That Pay a Cash Bonus

Here are five savings accounts that pay a cash bonus.

Many people make it a goal to save more money each year. Some specifically want that savings to be in a separate account they won’t feel as tempted to touch (for example, an emergency fund or college fund for a child). Here are several savings accounts that pay a cash bonus, as well as keep your money out of sight and out of mind. 5

The Power of Setting SMART Goals for Money Management

If you've ever wanted to increase your success in completing your goals this year, here is a great way to use SMART goals for money management.

Goals are the fuel that drives many toward success. What type of goals, however, are the most effective when it comes to finances? Let’s take a look at a few SMART goals for money management and you can decide for yourself. What are SMART goals? Although I don’t know the exact origin, I first heard about SMART goals from virtual mentor and thought leader, Michael

Survey Sites That Pay: Worth It or a Waste of Time?

Survey Sites that Pay - are they worth it or a waste of time?

Survey sites that pay are such a popular way to earn extra pocket money anytime, anywhere. But now that I have a few years of experience under my belt of side hustling from home, it’s time to take a serious look at whether they’re truly worth your time. Survey Sites That Pay: Are They Worth It or a Waste of Time? Nearly every personal finance

3 Unique Side Hustles You Didn’t Know About

Here are some unique side hustles you may not have tried yet.

Side hustles are growing rapidly in popularity – especially in the frugal community. People who wish to accelerate their financial goals, like getting out of debt or saving for a house, often do so by making extra money on the side in many popular ways (i.e. photography, working remotely from home, etc.). But here are a few unique side hustles you may not have heard

How to Launch Your First Emergency Fund In 3 Steps

Here are 3 simple steps to building your first emergency fund.

Emergencies, by definition, are stressful. Even more so if you’re not prepared. Roughly 46% of Americans can’t cover a $400 emergency without borrowing money, going into debt, or selling something, according to The Washington Post. The last thing you need during that time is to feel stress AND panic, anxiety, or shame. That’s why taking defensive steps to establish your first emergency fund is so

8 Simple Money Challenges That Will Beef Up Your Savings

Here are 8 simple money challenges you can start today to increase your savings this year.

One of the greatest ways you can boost your finances is to set a solid, measurable goal. That is especially true when it comes to saving money. Therefore, I’ve compiled this comprehensive list of simple money challenges that can propel you into greater financial freedom. 8 Simple Money Challenges That Will Beef Up Your Savings First, you need to know why you’re saving. Establishing that

How Electric Toothbrushes Changed the Dental Industry

Dental hygiene is an important part of most American’s life. Constantly improving the technology, dental hygienists across the world continue to innovate new ideas. The electric toothbrush is an iconic piece of technology that’s gone from dental offices to the shelves of the super market. Let’s look at how these nifty toothbrushes succeed over the manual toothbrush. 1. Reduction of Plaque One of the most