What Is the Difference Between Rich and Wealthy?

difference between rich and wealthy

Do you believe there is a difference between rich and wealthy? Have you ever considered it before? We’re going to spend two quick minutes in this article doing just that. Exploring the Difference Between Rich and Wealthy What is “Rich?” What is “Wealthy?” Time to jump back into grade school for a moment. Sometimes the best way to explore a topic is to lay a groundwork.

7 Services Covered by Health Insurance That May Surprise You

Depending on your health insurance plan, there could be some less-conventional services that might be covered. You may even be paying for some of these services out of your own pocket without realizing that you could have access to them for free or at a reduced cost. Here are some surprising services that may be covered under your insurance plan. Mental Health Services Some psychologists,

Air Conditioner Broken? Personal Loans To The Rescue!

You don’t need to check a calendar to know that summer has arrived. The scorching, triple digit temperatures and smoggy humidity levels are proof enough the sunny season is here to stay. You’ll want to keep that calendar handy though. Between trips to the city pool and plans to catch a matinée of Wonder Woman in an air conditioner theater, you’ll need a way to

Where Do Companies Earn Money on Freemium Games?

Some people might want the answer to the following question: where do companies earn money on Freemium games? It might not seem immediately obvious how any of these companies will earn money on games that are completely free. However, Freemium games are often incredibly popular, so obviously this is a viable business strategy for them. It should be noted that there are plenty of games

Legal ways to watch TV Online to Save Money

Technology has brought about many changes to our daily lives. Now, we can even watch TV on our computers, laptops or mobile phones. There are many legal options available, so we will only review our 4 best options of watching TV on the internet, you can find more on comparison sites like Broadband Choices. Virgin Media Virgin Media is a broadband internet provider based in

Can I Live Off Interest On a Million Dollars?

can i live off interest on a million dollars

If you’re nearing retirement age, or simply planning in advance, you may be asking yourself how much you’ll need. We’re going to target one specific question in today’s article: “Can I live off interest on a million dollars?” Scenarios like this have many variables, so let’s start by asking some questions. Retirement Planning – Can I Live Off Interest On a Million Dollars? Some financial

3 Personal Finance Ratios Everyone Should Know

One of the ways you can measure how well you are doing financially is by understanding certain personal finance ratios. We’re going to talk about three particular ratios and how they relate you in today’s article. 3 Personal Finance Ratios Everyone Should Know There are a number of ratios that personal finance aficionados like to track. Tracking those ratios helps you go beyond what your

The Opportunity in Gap Stocks

Why is it so important to learn gap trading as early as possible in your day trading career? It is a technique that, once mastered, can be the bedrock of a great day trading career. Day trading is a complicated yet lucrative business. With the right interactive brokers, you can make plenty of money and stay out of the cubicle rat race, but the question

4 Websites Women are Shopping to Save Hundreds on Clothing

Online shopping can get so expensive fast. It’s really easy to add cute items to your cart and so very hard to remove them. Plus you have to the extra cost of shipping and tax when you calculate the total cost. That’s why you should always keep an eye out for coupons and deals. It’s how women everywhere save hundreds a month when shopping online.

Key Tips for Entrepreneurs Looking to Make it Big and Strike it Rich

Entrepreneurs share a number of common traits – they tend to be creative thinkers, go-getters, passionate about their ideas, and they tend to have a desire to come up with that next “big” thing that becomes a huge success. While these are great traits to have in the world of business, they don’t always translate into success and a financial windfall. So how can aspiring